Plastic drag chain / 3-piece / modular / partially enclosed
E3 series igus®


  • Material:


  • Type:

    3-piece, modular, partially enclosed

  • Options and accessories:

    low-noise, low-vibration

  • Size:


  • Domain:


  • Width:

    Min.: 20 mm

    Max.: 60 mm


The Igus® System E3 combines small pitch, smooth running, low noise, stability, easy installation and cost-effectiveness. The resilient element as a connector replaces the pin and bore and prevents relative movements between the joints. To reduce the manufacturing and assembly costs, the spring band is not individually mounted over a length of ten ring members.

Another fulfilling development goal of E3 is a faster and easier access to cables by zipper system. A modified spring element made of electrically-conductive material that connects the links of the chain mechanically and electrically, ensuring permanent constant conductance, even at high bending stress and in any position.


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