data electrical cable / flame-retardant / shielded / robust
chainflex® series CF130.UL, CF140.UL igus®



  • Type:


  • Protection:

    flame-retardant, shielded, robust

  • Configuration:


  • Core material:


  • Other characteristics:

    flexible, UL, UL/CSA, PVC-sheathed, PUR-sheathed, TPE-insulated

  • Applications:

    industrial, for indoor use


PVC unshielded CF130.UL and the shielded CF140.UL control cable family from igus got support from additional multi-core bundle-stranded diameters. The cables have a minimum bending radius of 7,5 - 15 x d with bundle braided starting at 12 cores (36 and 42 cores options also available).

The flame-retardant cables have a mechanically superior quality TPE core insulation. The cables are typically useful for medium load requirements, without influence of oil, indoor uses, in particular freely suspended travel distances, gliding applications up to 50 m, wood/stone processing, packaging industry, and handling and adjusting of equipment.