horizontal profile projector
5 - 100X, ø 400 mm | HOC400 Leader Precision Instrument Co. Ltd



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The horizontal benchtop profile projector can be used for inspection of surfaces and outline of assorted items like cams, screw threads, gears, milling cutters, etc., Suitable for research labs and education institutions.

The horizontal optical comparator's screen is 400 mm in diameter with four film clips, and weighs 240 kg. The stage measures 450 mm x 200 mm and has a load capacity of 30 kg. Travel on the X.Z axis is 250 mm x 150mm and on Y axis is 100 mm. The X.Y axis has a linear scale with 0.05µm resolution The object lens come in different sizes like 5x, 10x, 20x,50x, and100x (10x is standard) with a reflector attached.

The magnification accuracy is 0.08% for contours and 0.12% for surfaces.

Transmission illumination is provided by 24 V, 150 W halogen bulbs for contours and reflection illumination is by similar, 21 V, 150W bulbs for surfaces (pairs of fiber optic lighting). 110-120 or 200-240 V, single phase 50/60Hz voltage can be used for power. Angles can be measured within 0.01°or 1′ resolution.

The accuracy is ±(4+L/75)µm where L is the length of the work piece in mm. It gives repeatability of 0.003mm. Equipped with linear guide transmission for facilitating fast movement. Digital readout is via a DC3000 DRO with RS232 output.