Accelerator pedal / brake / clutch / Hall effect
MO 372 Makersan


  • Function:

    accelerator, brake, clutch

  • Technology:

    Hall effect

  • Other characteristics:

    suspended, compact, rugged


MO 372 Suspenced Accelerator Pedals

Technology: Contactless Hall Measuring Principle
Protection: IP6K9K (Sensor)
Safety: Two Independent Springs / Full Redundant Sensor
Operating Temperature: -40°C ... +85°C
Operating Angle: 19° (± 1°)
Options: Customized wire harness / Connector kit

Supply Voltage: 5 VDC or 10(12)~30 VDC
Connector: 6 Way Delphi Packard Metric Pack 150
Output Options (Programmable):
- Analog Type (Single/Dual): 0-5 V (max. 1 mA) / 0-10 V (max. 1 mA) / 4-20 mA Current / 0.1-1 kHz PWM
- Analog+IVS Type: Analog + High-Side or Low-Side Switch
- CAN Type: SAE J1939 / CANopen

%30 GF reinforced polyamid case suspended type pedal
Suitable for passenger, commercial and offroad vehicle apllications
Double sensor (4 output), right or left sensor (2 output) options
Robust and compact design
Customized pedal position options
Rubber treadle cover
Suitable for different engine interfaces


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