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The 930 Metrohm Combustion IC enables the analysis of halogens and sulfur in flammable samples of all types using inline combustion digestion (pyrohydrolysis) with subsequent ion chromatography determination (Combustion IC). It comprises all required components, e.g., the Combustion Module from Analytik Jena (2.136.0700), the 920 Absorber Module, the 930 Compact IC Flex Oven/SeS/Deg, the 800 Dosino for suppressor regeneration and the MagIC Net software.

If necessary, the 930 Metrohm Combustion IC package can be supplemented with an Autosampler for solid or liquid samples (MMS 5000 Autosampler). The entire analysis, including sample input and sample digestion, is completely automated and is completely controlled by MagIC Net.

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