heatless desiccant compressed air dryer
PNEUDRI MX Parker domnick hunter



  • Technology:

    heatless desiccant

  • Capacity:

    408 m³/h, 6,120 m³/h (14,408.38 ft³/h)

  • Working pressure:

    7 bar (101.526 psi)


Parker domnick hunter's PNEUDRI MX range of heatless compressed air dryers will blow away the competition. They are without question unrivaled in their field. Customers can have quality air at pressure point temperatures of –20°C, -40°C, and –70°C with these devices that meet international ISO 8573-1 standards for compressed air. These standards are applicable to classes 3, 2 and 1, the last of which is water vapor.

There are eight models in this range and flow rates produced by this series begin at 408m3 per hour at 7 bar g. By multi-banking these air compressors, flow rates of over 6120m3 per hour can be achieved. All PNEUDRI MX compressors require both pre- and post-filtration in order to emit compressed air that is both clean and dry. To prevent the accidental introduction of either oil aerosols, water, atmospheric dirt or solid particles to the air supply and thus contaminate it, why not integrate the OIL-X Evolution?