sectional door / aluminum / hangar / industrial
Alu-Mix Puertas Angel Mir



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    hangar, industrial


Doors with a personal identity and open to light. The glazed sectional doors Alu Mix® from Ángel Mir® combine the beauty and hardiness of the glazed boards with the resistance and insulation of the sandwich boards. They are specially suitable for places where there is a need of natural light or a better vision. They can be combined in different ways to adapt them to the building requirements. Wide variety of possibilities.

· Location at the door board: Underside (B), central (C) and top (S)
· Type of board: glazed (a) and opaque (o)
· Number of opaque or glazed boards (1,2,3). Boards setting (see "options").

The glazed boards are manufactured with exclusive aluminum outlines, making a series of frames that can be filled with different opaque or transparent materials, for instance sandwich boards where a good insulation is needed or acrylic glasses if you need a good visibility and/or brightness. The standard glazing is done with compact polycarbonate, a material that stands out for his extraordinary mechanical and solar radiation tear resistance by its anti-UV filter located on its outer side. Other types of glazing can be provided: cellular polycarbonate (for a higher insulation) or methacrylate. The opaque boarding is made with a 14mm thickness aluminum sandwich board. The glasses are sealed by means of rubber joints and the water/air tightness between boards is obtained with the same material.