universal handle / equipment / aluminum / polyamide
UG series Rohde



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    aluminum, polyamide


The main highlight of the new Rohde UG-series is its global appeal and usage. The assembling process involves fitting the grip ledge on to both the elbow side joint. You can choose the elbow sections as per the harsh conditions they require to go through even without a steel augmentation.

The handle shanks comprise of heavy polyamide, strengthened glass ball along with a black and semi-matt design. Additionally, the the grip ledge is anodized using a luster-less finish in nude or black color.

The Type UG-02 consists of a brass threaded bushing and is capable of handling resistance up to 200 N per handle. On the other hand, the Type UG-03 is equipped with galvanized steel core whereas Type UG-04 has a strengthened steel plate, both with a resistance of up to 500 N per handle. It is also available in a glossy and nickel plated cheese head screws along with a hexagonal socket of 5 x 45.

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