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GRINTEC® Skimmers are compact models, designed for recovering all types of hydrocarbon.
Within our range of Skimmer, we can differentiate between Selective Skimmers and Overflow Skimmers.
All our equipments are designed in robust and resistant materials to both seawater and hydrocarbons.

Outgassing on the high seas, incident during a hydrocarbon filling in a port, oil spill, accidental leakage, oil transformer leakage on a lake or a river ... The range of GRINTEC® skimmers by SANERGRID® answer to these problems and presents two product lines:

- The Selective Skimmer GRINTEC®, which is ideal for recovering fuel from light hydrocarbons to high viscosity by minimizing the amount of water collected (5% approx.). The hydrocarbons or oil adhere to the hydrophobic surface of the disks, after which the oil is separated and transported through hoses connected to a hydraulic pump and then on to storage tank. Ideal for use on the sea, rivers, lakes, etc.

- The Overflow Skimmer GRINTEC®, which uses the simplest of principles: it adjusts the position of the floating ring with respect to the level of the oil, increasing or decreasing the flow of the suction pump. Our overflow skimmers can include an external suction pump. Overflow skimmers pick up more water than the majority of other types of skimmers, especially in the open sea, but in the long term their simplicity of design and operation, and therefore their mechanical reliability, mean they recover a lot more oil than other skimmers.