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compressed air filter / cartridge / high-performance / dust
compressed air filter
DDp(+), PDp(+)

Filtration size: 12 µm - 3,600 µm
Operating pressure: 7 bar - 20 bar
Flow rate: 12 l/s - 3,600 l/s

DDp(+) and PDp(+) dry dust filters Our high-quality dry dust filters remove dry dust, particulates and micro-organisms from compressed air. Our DDp(+) ...

air filter / drum / cylindrical / flange
air filter

Flow rate: 60 m³/h - 4,500 m³/h

... industries. WAMFLO Dust Collectors are equipped with a cylindrically shaped stainless steel body and flanged bottom ring which contains vertically mounted filter elements of various types including the ...

air filter / strainer / compact / for dust collectors
air filter
WAMAIR series

Operating pressure: 0.25 bar
Flow rate: 250 m³/h - 6,500 m³/h

... versatile and compact dust collector range available on the world market for industrial applications. WAMAIR Dust Collectors consist of a polygonally shaped 304 stainless steel casing, horizontally ...

liquid filter / cartridge / wire mesh / cylindrical
liquid filter
FS series

Filtration size: 44 µm
Operating pressure: 0.5 mbar - 2,000 mbar
Flow rate: 10, 20, 40, 70, 150 m³/h

... Moreover, it has a mesh filtering cartridge made in stainless steel, with a filtering degree of 44μ. The FS Syphon has a 2-way manual valve for service vacuum interception, and restoration of atmospheric ...

water filter / strainer / dust
water filter

Flow rate: 4.3 m³/h - 100 m³/h

air filter / compressed air / cartridge / bag
air filter

Flow rate: 0 m³/h - 19,000 m³/h

... AVR/AVRC Pulse Jet Filters Air Vent Round (AVR) are bottom removal (below the tube sheet) pulse jet filters and are recommended for handling heavy dust loads or where the filter ...

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Schenck Process Holding GmbH
compressed air filter / cartridge / bag / dust
compressed air filter

Flow rate: 0 m³/h - 15,000 m³/h

... AVSC pulse jet filters: Clean air plenum plus filter body type filters are ideally suited as a bin vent filter for storage tanks, work bins and surge hoppers. Clean ...

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Schenck Process Holding GmbH
compressed air filter / cartridge / bag / dust
compressed air filter

Operating pressure: 42.5 bar
Flow rate: 0 m³/h - 252,000,000 m³/h

... hazardous dusts, since no access is required into the dirty side of the filter during bag changing. The same basic filter housing can also be fitted with pleated cartridges to offer ...

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Schenck Process Holding GmbH
pneumatic filter / self-cleaning / dust
pneumatic filter

... secondary filter. The filter element separates product dust and delivery air. The dust collects in the filter housing. The cleaned air is routed via ...

high-pressure filter / air / top-mounted / small
high-pressure filter

Small Filter The Small Filter type MVRW is employed in a wide variety of industrial processes for filtering dust-laden air. Possible applications include removal of ...

air filter / cartridge / small / dust
air filter

- To filter dust and other small particles from the vacuum flow. - Reduces the risk of operation breakdown or stoppage in the pump. - Replaceable filter element. - Available with special ...

liquid filter / cartridge / small / dust
liquid filter

- To filter dust and other small particles from the vacuum flow. - Reduces the risk of operation breakdown or stoppage in the pump.

carbon steel filter / liquid / compressed air / cartridge
carbon steel filter
F 0460, F 3500

Filtration size: 0.01 µm - 1 µm
Operating pressure: 7 bar
Flow rate: 2,760 m³/h - 31,000 m³/h

The F 0005 - F 3500 series from OMI is a set of standard filters that are made from ceramic for durable operation. This series features properties that allow it to resist from abrasion and high temperatures, giving it ...

gas filter / air / compressed air / cartridge
gas filter

Flow rate: 4,000 m³/h - 200,000 m³/h

... optimal regeneration of the filter system. Cleaning is performed depending on the differential pressure, which reduces the compressed air consumption to a minimum. The filter unit consists of the filter ...

gas filter / air / bag / compact
gas filter

Flow rate: 14,000 m³/h

... bag filters are delivered with automatic filter regeneration, inspection doors, ex. protection and dry extinguishing system as standard. Equipped with high-quality filter materials, ...

air filter / compressed air / strainer / sterile
air filter
SPF series

Operating pressure: 12, 16 bar
Flow rate: 75 m³/h - 3,600 m³/h

... this filter may or may not be included in BSP or NPT pipe connections. The manufacturers assure that all products, including this filter, are tested to ensure quality. The SPF filters' ...

dust filter / strainer / separation
dust filter

Flow rate: 1,500 m³/h

... preliminary. The filter mat is mounted in a retractable cassette. When the cassette is activated, the filter is cleaned by a built-in brush system. Then the dust may be emptied into ...

gas filter / bag / dust
gas filter

... adsorption of the dust removal cover, the dust gas enters the down chamber from the inlet, the dust is blocked by the filter bag, and the purified gas is directly discharged ...

oil mist filter / fume / plate / dust
oil mist filter
ASP 003601AJ063

Complete range of filters for the treatment of dust, fumes and oil mists. Dust collectors Fume extractors Oil mist collectors…

compressed air filter / membrane / in-line / dust
compressed air filter
KBS series

Filtration size: 0.01 µm
Operating pressure: 500,000 Pa
Flow rate: 80 l/min

The KBS series from Kitz is a set of in-line filters with a pore size of 0.01μm. It is equipped with a 1/4" tube pipe connection that delivleres a flow rate of 80 l/min. It can operate within a temperature range of 5 ...

compressed air filter / sleeve / automatic / suction
compressed air filter
AIRCOM series

Operating pressure: 0.5 bar - 7 bar

CORAL'S AIRCOM sleeves reverse pulse jet filter is a highly efficient, self maintaining filter for dusts, with fully automatic cleaning by compressed air injection. The unit is manufactured ...

compact filter / air / T / high-flow
compact filter
M5, M6, F7, F8, F9

Compact filters receive their name because of their large filter surface at a relatively compact size. They are suited for the filtration of large volume flow rates at still long lifetimes, because the ...

air filter / compact / T / large
air filter
Z-LINE G2, G3, G4, M5, M6

Also the filter cells and Z-line filters for prefiltration and fine dust filtration offer large filter surfaces at a compact build. An interchangeable frame (only as ...

air filter / T / silicone-free / flange
air filter
M5, M6

Folded filters consist of a folded filter medium. This results in a high dust absorption capacity and lifetime. They are available in a holding frame as combined filters ...

air filter / oil / basket / ATEX
air filter

... registration allows the design, manufacture, and marking of inlet filter silencers, inlet filters, inlet vacuum filters, integrated liquid separators/vacuum filters and ...

oil filter / disc / for oil smoke / dust
oil filter

... collects oil and dust on machines and walls. Oil smoke can lead to coating in ventilation pipes, a potential fire risk, and in heat exchangers, so reducing the efficiency of heat recovery. The cutting oil which ...

compressed air filter / compact / high-pressure / in-line
compressed air filter
FF, FHF series

Operating pressure: 0 bar - 40 bar
Flow rate: 1,200 l/min - 50,000 l/min

Compressors have dust and other particles, depending on where the compressor is operating, except the humid air from the atmosphere. Although a large proportion of dust and particles are retained by the ...

liquid filter / basket / magnetic / high-intensity
liquid filter
Automag Skid

Operating pressure: 10 bar
Flow rate: 27 m³/h - 108 m³/h

... self-consisting and free-standing unit is built with two magnetic filters, a buffer tank, and a magnetic coolant roller. It provides users with an automatic non-stop operation without using filter consumables, ...

wastewater treatment filter / sand / dust
wastewater treatment filter

Flow rate: 35, 3 l/s

A machine series to separate precipitates and heavy matter in municipal and industrial clarification plants resp. processes. The systems can also be used to separate sediments and heavy matter out of production and process waste water ...

air filter / activated carbon / industrial / for air treatment units
air filter

Operating pressure: 0 Pa - 60 Pa
Flow rate: 1,700, 3,400, 5,100, 7,000 m³/h

The RAC module, is ideal for the air treatment in applications where there is a large accumulation of dust and micro dust from industrial processes. Due to its simply installation and to its high filtration ...

air filter / cartridge / for compressors / intake
air filter
Mikroline series

Flow rate: 1 m³/min - 4 m³/min

Air Intake Filters for Air Compressors Mikroline Series Mikropor’s air intake elements are designed for the removal of dust or particulate in the air intake systems of compressors, machines, pumps, blowers, ...

air filter / cartridge / high-temperature / intake
air filter
Makroline series

Flow rate: 1 m³/min - 28 m³/min

Design Mikropor Makroline Air Intake Filters are designed to provide maximum performance for customers with extremely high dust capacity and low pressure drop air intake filter demands. ...

air filter / activated carbon / aluminium / dust
air filter
FAM series

... bespoke aluminium (FAM) filters. These filers are built from aluminium structures, with different configurations that allow the passage of air, and different types of unwoven membranes to provide dust ...