vacuum furnace / brazing / chamber / rotary retort
VF-2D-A series Sistem Teknik Industrial Furnaces



  • Function:


  • Configuration:

    chamber, rotary retort

  • Heat source:


  • Atmosphere:


  • Other characteristics:

    horizontal, vertical, laboratory, for aeronautical applications

  • Maximum temperature:

    1,200 °C (2,192 °F)


Vacuum brazing is a brazing process that take place in a chamber or retort below atmospheric pressure, otherwise known as a vacuum furnace. Vacuum brazing is brazing in a furnace using a vacuum atmosphere which provides extremely clean, superior, flux-free, braze joints of high integrity and strength.

Technical Parameters

Available with horizontal and vertical loading configurations
Hot zone useful dimensions up to 1000x1500x1000 mmm (WxLxH) for horizontal type
Ø 1500 x 1500 mm (dia x H) for vertical type
Graphite or metallic insulated hot zone
Max. load up to 2500 kg
Temperature uniformity beter than ±5 oC
Fully automatic controls for various recepies
High temperature uniformity
Uniform cooling
Variable cooling speed and cooling gas directions
Short cycle times
Effective convention heating at low temperatures
Vacuum level from 10-2 to 10-5 mbars.
High pressure, efective and uniform gas quenching
Working temperature in brazing chamber is approx. 1200 oC

Adjustable furnace atmosphere
High temperature uniformity
A dynamic and efficient heating system
Best for environment / flux-free brazing
High cleanlines brazed joints
Types of Industries

Any other industries