RTD temperature transmitter / Pt100 / 2-wire / analog
STD-T series Sitron



  • Input type:

    RTD, Pt100, 2-wire

  • Output signal:

    analog, HART, digital, 4-20 mA

  • Applications:



The robust STD-T Temperature Transmitter with Aluminum head, provides 4 … 20mA (2-wire) analog current signal with HART communication protocol, making it easy to integrate the instrument into industrial networks.The head-mounted display makes it easy to see the process, as well as being rotated 330 ° in both the display and the body, making the transmitter very flexible in any installed position.With a 5-digit multifunction LCD display, it allows the user to view the measured variable in PV (process value), percentage and current, besides having a permanent bargraph with real-time reading.