data connector / twinaxial / quadrax / fiber optic
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    twinaxial, quadrax, fiber optic, Ethernet, ARINC

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Smiths Interconnect's MIL-DTL-83527 Rack and Panel style connectors meet or exceed the applicable requirements of the military specification and come in a wide variety of insert arrangements and shell sizes. Contact patterns include mixed Signal, Power, Coax, Triax, Fiber Optic (ARINC 801 and Expanded Beam Contacts) Twinax and Quadrax contacts for standard or custom insert arrangements. They can also incorporate EMI filtering and transient EMP protection to help maintain signal integrity. Our Twinax and Quadrax contacts offer balanced and matched impedance performance for a wide variety of transmission systems and cable characteristics. Our contacts are designed to ensure optimum signal integrity even at the highest data rates. Contacts are offered with crimp or solder termination with anti-rotational keyed insert assemblies for High-Speed Fibre Channel or Ethernet type applications. These connectors are designed for extreme environmental concerns including shock, vibration and humidity.

Isolated cavities available for tempest applications
EMI/RFI environmentally sealed backshells
Single or Multiport exit termination points with standard MIL-DTL-38999 backshells