Motor spindle
max. 500 W | Type 4033 AC SycoTec GmbH & Co. KG

The motor spindle type 4033 is the optimized drive solution for milling and drilling applications. It is equipped with a taper cleaning system, a flexible motor connection and it is maximally sealed against contamination. Despite its stainless steel design it is light in weight and its minimal size results in very high stiffness. It also features an automatic tool changing system.
The motor spindle type 4033 is available with asynchronous and synchronous drive system – especially the synchronous version features an extraordinary power density.

Technical Data - type 4033 AC:
Clamping diameter: 33 mm
Motor system: 3 Phase asynchronous motor
Rated speed: 6,000 - 100,000 rpm
Voltage: 60 V
Current: max. 8 A
Torque: max. 8,4 Ncm
Frequency: 100 - 1,666 Hz
Qutput power: max. 500 W
Weight: 1.0 kg


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