wire feedthrough / multiple-element / for high-pressure applications / with electrodes
TG series Thermal Detection



  • Product applications:

    for wire

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    for high-pressure applications, with electrodes


The TG range of sealing gland allows multiple bare solid conductors to go though a single gland/entry using its soft seal technology. These are meant to be used in pressure and vacuum applications. All units have wetted parts in Grade 316L stainless steel. They contain Teflon® or Viton®, Neoprene and Lava sealants.

This line of product is designed for low-power base instrumentation wires. It can also be used for copper or other thermocouple materials. The devices operates in temperatures ranging from -185°C to + 870°C and pressures that vacuums up to 690 bar. The sizes of its wires ranges from 24AWG to 8AWG with seals 1 to 16 elements.

The Barewide Feedtrhrough may come with mounting arrangement and flanges that can be screwed weld-neck or tri-cover type.