SWIR camera module / machine vision / InGaAs / OEM
XSW-320 Gated XENICS



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    machine vision, InGaAs, OEM


Extremely short 100 nsec integration time for SWIR gated imaging

The XSW-320 Gated SWIR OEM module operates in the 0.9 to 1.7 μm spectral band and provides extremely short integration times (down to 100 ns). Its InGaAs detector has a resolution of 320 x 256 pixels and a pixel pitch of 20 µm.

A special feature of the XSW-320 Gated is the programmable trigger-out delay between the internally generated trigger-out pulse and the start of integration. The exposure time of the sensor is configurable from 100 ns up to 1 ms in steps of 100 ns, or 1 ms to 40 ms (standard mode).

With all these features, the XSW-320 Gated is the perfect SWIR OEM module for SWIR gated imaging, the inspection of light bulbs and SWIR imaging of hot or fast moving objects.

Benefits & features
CameraLink or Ethernet standard interfaces
CameraLink or ethernet machine vision interfaces
Extreme short 100 nsec integration time
Flexible programming in an open architecture
High sensitivity and excellent image quality
Programmable trigger out

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