AC motors

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AC motor / three-phase / induction / IP55
AC motor

Power: 2.2 kW - 315 kW
Rotational speed: 1,500, 1,000, 750, 600, 500 rpm

... induction motors are used in many industry sectors, now as before. Owing to their properties, they have a major effect on the effectiveness of production. VEM three-phase asynchronous motors with slip-ring ...

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VEM motors
AC motor / three-phase / asynchronous / 400 V
AC motor

Power: 2.2, 1.5 kW

ELECTRIC MOTORS Foot model type B 3. Insulation class IP 44 (DIN 40050. Three phase motors.

AC motor / three-phase / asynchronous / 690 V
AC motor

Torque: 1,000 Nm - 100,000 Nm
Power: 200 kW - 10,000 kW
Rotational speed: 300 rpm - 1,800 rpm

Modular Slip Ring Motors of the MEBSSL / MEBSSW / MEBSSD Series – Flexible and Robust The innovative technology of MENZEL modular slip ring motors sets technical standards in terms of frame size, output, ...

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MENZEL Elektromotoren GmbH
AC motor / single-phase / 110 V / with run and start capacitors
AC motor
AMD / AMDE series

Power: 0.09 kW - 2.2 kW

... Single-Phase Motors designed specifically to deliver high performance with low levels of vibration and noise. AMD SERIES: motors with running capacitor ideal for low inertia applications specially ...

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AC motor / three-phase / asynchronous / 400 V
AC motor
NC - RNC series

Power: 2.5 kVA - 27.5 kVA

... output voltage is perfectly sinusoidal (THD <1%). It means no de-rating (differently from the static converter) for the fed electric motor.

AC motor / three-phase / asynchronous / 80 V
AC motor
max. 11 kW | TS, TH, TBS, TBH

Power: 0.09 kW - 11 kW

The device is ideally suited as an AC transmission system. This three phase motor is able to meet ICE international standard requirements. It is available in various sizes that range from 063 to 160. ...

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AC motor / single-phase / asynchronous
AC motor
MY series

Power: 0.09 kW - 3 kW

... Series aluminium housing single-phase capacitor-run asynchronous motors, with latest design in entirely, are made of selected quality materials and conform to the IEC standard. MY motors have good performance, ...

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AC motor / single-phase / asynchronous / 36V
AC motor

Power: 0.33 ch - 0.75 ch

Residential and commercial gate operators Hoists, lifts Barn and greenhouse window openers Medium starting and reversing applications Features Include 1/3 - 3/4 HP, 1625 rpm, Nema 56 frame, open, 40 deg. C amb. Reversible, permanent ...

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Imperial Electric
AC motor / two-phase / asynchronous / for marine applications
AC motor

Power: 250 kW - 4,260 kW

Total output becomes smaller. The most suitable load balance of a generator can be realized. In-ship system is simplified. Arrangement of equipment can be designed freely and a wide cargo space can be kept. Ship maneuverability is improved ...

AC motor / single-phase / asynchronous / 48V
AC motor

Power: 0.25 ch - 1 ch

Engineered for demanding agricultural applications such as poultry house fans and barn exhaust fans. All have thermal overload protection as standard. Some must be mounted in air stream for proper cooling 1/2 - 1 HP, 56Z frame Totally ...

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LEESON Electric
AC motor / three-phase / asynchronous / liquid-cooled
AC motor

Power: 37 kW - 2,500 kW

... concerning conventional air-cooling systems in order to reduce overall system costs. Low voltage three-phase asynchronous motors with liquid cooling are mostly used for tunnelboring or mining applications as well as ...

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three-phase motor / asynchronous / submersible / industrial
three-phase motor
MAC, MC series

Power: 370, 45, 7.5 kW

... submersible motors confirm very high performances, absolute reliability in harsh conditions of use and strong resistance to high temperatures. MC4 SUBMERSIBLE MOTORS Rewindable submersible single-phase ...

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AC motor / asynchronous / custom
AC motor

... different application needs for the customer. The selection of motor components and the design of the system, is a product of tight, and proper coordination. The sycotec e@syDrive inverter offers the ...

AC motor / direct current / synchronous / 24V
AC motor
KM series

Power: 0.375 kW - 2.2 kW
Rotational speed: 2,850 rpm

KM series Product Type: AC Motors Continuous Duty 1PH 2 Pole AC Motors UL Recognized 3" - 4.5" 12/24 V 500/800 W

AC motor / synchronous / asynchronous / traction
AC motor

Since 1930, Gamesa Electric has been involved in the traction market, to the present day supplying a large portion of the motors and electrical generators in Spain's railway fleet. Always colaborating ...

AC motor / synchronous / 5V / direct-drive
AC motor
LYD42 series

Power: 4 W

... Shaft Bearings: Sleeve bearings Recognition: E53578(N), Component-Impedance Protected Motors Capacitor is required for operation. Capacitor supplied with 115 Vac motors. Note: Typical data subject ...

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AC motor / single-phase / three-phase / 400 V
AC motor
4SD series

Power: 0.37 kW - 0.75 kW

Motors are designed with quality material and unique features to assure years of dependable operation. NEMA Standard flange connector. Oil-filled motor keeps windings cool, permanently lubricated bearings ...

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zhejiang fengyuan pump industry co.,LTD
AC motor / three-phase / single-phase / synchronous
AC motor
ASM 24

Torque: 0.029 Nm - 0.098 Nm
Power: 8.5, 7.5, 5.3 W
Rotational speed: 1,800, 1,500 rpm

The ASM 24 Series is a unit manufactured by Astro company. It is a motor unit with a speed of 1000 and 1500 rpm by 50 Hz. The ball bearing of the unit conforms through the protection class of IP 40-65. The maintenance ...

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ASTRO Motorengesellschaft
AC motor / single-phase / asynchronous / 220 V
AC motor

Torque: 0.62, 0.8, 0.82, 1.24 Nm
Power: 0.18, 0.12, 0.25 kW
Rotational speed: 1,420 rpm - 3,000 rpm

1 phase asynchronous motors with start and run capacitor of Volt Electric are preferred for general electric motors applications especially in the following machines ...

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Volt Elektrik Motor
AC motor / three-phase / asynchronous / 220 V
AC motor
SD 21, 41, 8, 38, 28, 29

Power: 3.7 W - 120 W

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hollow-shaft motor / three-phase / single-phase / asynchronous
hollow-shaft motor
HYDRO Series

Power: 1.85 kW - 11 kW
Rotational speed: 1,365 rpm - 2,870 rpm

... hollow shaft motors but retaining the features of standard motors. Encapsulated motors with elastic coupling Orange 1 Group has developed the most advanced technology on the encapsulation ...

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traction motor / AC / three-phase / brushless
traction motor
TAZ 300

Torque: 456, 700
Power: 300 ch
Rotational speed: 8,000 rpm

... giving you more choices. After all, your application is unique, so the AC brushless motor you choose for it should be unique too. While the competition stacks their shelves with servo motors ...

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Dynetic Systems
AC motor / three-phase / synchronous / brushless
AC motor
max. 90 kW | HSM series

Torque: 40 Nm - 270 Nm
Power: 15 kW - 90 kW
Rotational speed: 9,500 rpm - 11,500 rpm

... systems. The series is an efficient turnkey solution created expressly for a range of electric and hybrid applications, with emphasis on light-duty vehicle platforms. The motor topology is based on an ...

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AC motor / single-phase / asynchronous / 220 V
AC motor
YN80 series

Torque: 0.22, 0.188 Nm
Power: 25, 30 W
Rotational speed: 1,300 rpm

... characteristics hard, good starting, long life, etc. 2) The quality is convincing, and the price is suitable. 3) This ac motor can be designed and produced according to your request, in addition, we can develop new ...

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Ningbo New Guanlian Motor Electronic Co.,Ltd.
AC motor / three-phase / asynchronous / 400 V
AC motor
RN series

Torque: 0.62 Nm - 72 Nm
Power: 180 W - 22,000 W
Rotational speed: 2,740 rpm - 2,920 rpm

Squirrel cage rotor - Totally enclosed fan cooled - IP55 - - 230/400V 50Hz

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Nicolini Motori