Air blast dryers

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hot air dryer / batch / for plastic pellets
hot air dryer
max. 250 m³/h | D series

NEW OMAP offers three high-performance series of Hot Air Driers: D series, SH series and MH series. Dessicant dryers are used for the processing of plastic granules materials which are non-hygroscopic, ...

conical dryer / air blast / batch / laboratory
conical dryer
-20 ... +120 °C | Bolz BS-miniDRY® DKL015

... BS-miniDRY® DKL015 model, engineered by Heinkel, is a laboratory dryer that features a flexible filling volume of 10 to 100% of the nominal volume. It is designed to fit in ventilation cabins and it ...

hot air dryer / centrifugal / batch / for the chemical industry
hot air dryer
25 l | SK 25 K, SK 25 Y


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cold air dryer / batch / for the food industry / cooler
cold air dryer

... external cooler and lead back to the circulating air flows of the plant by a pipeline system. Because of the special air guide via the cooling evaporator, the air is dehumidified very ...

hot air dryer / rotary drum / batch / for the food industry
hot air dryer
ASA Series

... in thin layer with uniform thickness. During the partial rotation the product is dried and cut with special knife. Such drying system is used for liquids, various gel types and paste consistence substances. Product may ...

hot air dryer / batch / for plastic pellets / press
hot air dryer

DRY PLAST 3000 is the most versatile drier of its category. In fact it can be easily positioned on the original press hopper, or it can be combined with a silo to increase its drying capacity. It has a heating capacity of 2500 W and is ...

hot air dryer / continuous / cooler / with belt conveyor
hot air dryer
250 °F

... and its process. The high volume, heated air is introduced into the process cabinet area through a series of air knives. Make up of the exhausted air is ambient air, ...

air blast dryer / for the food industry / for the pharmaceutical industry / nozzle
air blast dryer

... possible air flow control, with automatic variation of air flow according to conveying speeds, thus reducing air consumption. The nozzles are positioned as closely as possible to your ...

hot air dryer / cold air / cooler / blowing
hot air dryer
Elmadry TD

... sensitive parts can be dried gently with the cold and hot air blower (70°C). Functions and characteristics: • Available in 3 sizes (30, 120, 300) • Hot air function (70°C) with cover on • Cool ...

desiccant dryer / dry air / continuous
desiccant dryer

Desiccant Dryer Condair DA desiccant dryers are designed to be used especially when an extremely low relative humidity of 10 - 20% RH is needed, such as in industrial drying processes, or where there ...

hot air dryer / continuous / stainless steel
hot air dryer

A wide range of hands dryers and hair dryers upgraded with the latest technology. Available with photo cell or pushing button, ideal for public restrooms, hotels, pools and locker rooms.

hot air dryer / laboratory
hot air dryer

Laboratory glass dryer in tried and tested C. Gerhardt quality. Dry laboratory glassware in just 6 - 15 minutes thanks to filtered hot air. Simultaneous drying of up to 56 tubes. Rotating dryer ...

hot air dryer / for the chemical industry / for the food industry / for the pharmaceutical industry
hot air dryer
EO Series

... slabs of high density and low thermal conductivity. - Provision for forced air circulation using motorized blower. - Inlet and outlet manual damper control for fresh air inlet and exhaust control. - ...

centrifugal dryer / hot air / batch
centrifugal dryer

... dried in centrifugal system with the help of hot air from the heating elements in the upper part of the machine. A propeler on the bottom part of the machine sucks warm air and in this way, the warm air ...

air blast dryer / for paint
air blast dryer

air blast dryer / for paint
air blast dryer

hot air dryer / continuous / for processing applications / mixer
hot air dryer
DCD 20

... water and ammonia via the exhaust air. This is treated further via the exhaust air systems. The drying method in detail: The BRT HARTNER Digestate Conditioner / Dryer is designed as ...

hot air drying system / air
hot air drying system

DESCRIPTION The Mojave Heat hot air dryer unit is designed for drying1 of air and removal of solid particles from atmospheric air, as well as for sorbent drying. Dry ...

hot air dryer / continuous
hot air dryer

NET ELECTRIC DRYER Dryer with electric feeding and heating with inox net transport, length mm 3000 and width mm 700. Thermical power kw 6. Installed electric power kw 2,5 400V-50Hz. Maximum temperature 300 °C.

dry air dryer / continuous / air
dry air dryer
P3TJ series

P3TJ heatless air dryers totally clean and dry compressed air down to –40°C pdp. Easy to install, the P3TJ Dry Air System has been designed with quick-change ...

centrifugal dryer / hot air
centrifugal dryer

Linear dryer with semi-closed-circuit ventilation system, a centrifugal fan sends air into a hood that allows the series of air blades to be fed with maximum uniformity ...

air blast dryer / for wood / flash
air blast dryer

... injected via a blow-line into the dryer and pneumatically conveyed through the dryer duct and dried to the required moisture content. High efficiency cyclones separate the fibers from ...

hot air drying system / vacuum / laboratory / cooler
hot air drying system

... Evactherm® mixers operating in closed circuit mode with integrated evaporation cooling Drying of aqueous material systems with hot air or flue gases Emission-free drying (Ex-proof also available)

dry air dryer / batch / curing / compact
dry air dryer
199 999

... • Cover with an exhaust vent (height approx. 1.5 mm) at the edge of device for the quick exchange of the moisture saturated air • With a combined support/carrying handle; can be carried easily by one person • Application ...

air blast drying system / continuous / cylinder / for cans
air blast drying system

... from air knife systems that use compressed air is a 75% savings in energy costs when comparing Sonic centrifugal blowers to air compressors. Click on the 2017 Sonic ...

dry air dryer / continuous / mixer / with temperature control
dry air dryer

... between 50 °C and 180 °C. The material to be dried is fed onto the middle of the shaking, heated dryer and spread over the heating plate. The dryer is emptied by changing the direction in which the ...