Air blast dryers

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air blast dryer / batch / for the textile industry / coating
air blast dryer

... Because of its MULTI-AIR distribution system, the machine is very flexible in executing all processes applied in the stentering. Due to inverter driven motors on each air fan, it is possible to control, ...

air blast dryer / continuous / for the textile industry / horizontal
air blast dryer

DMS05 DIL-DRY JUMBO AIR RELAX DRYER MACHINE Drying on the egalizing air relax dryer is today a very important process for the quality of fabric. The results of such treatment ...

hot air dryer / rotary drum / centrifugal / batch
hot air dryer
SECC series

... a rotary movement of the centrifugal type. It can also be equipped with an electric heater and an air blowing (alternation hot air – it FROID). Dryers can be provided with warehousing ...

spray dryer / hot air / continuous / conical
spray dryer

... drying-efficient hot air flow pattern in which any wet lumps are rapidly disintegrated. Hot air is supplied by a temperature-controlled air heater and speed-controlled fan, entering the ...

dry air dryer / cylindrical
dry air dryer
Tall Form

... cooled in an external fluid bed. The fines are conveyed with the drying air to a separation system. Many tall form drying plants are provided with a bustle on the cylinder for the air outlet, minimizing ...

dry air dryer / continuous / flash
dry air dryer

... and wiring, packing and full documentation. Capacity: Water evaporation rate, max: 120 kg/h Drying air rate, max: 1000 m3/h Inlet air temperature, max: 500 °C Dimensions: Floor space: ...

hot air drying system
hot air drying system

... free of porosity, ensuring minimized voltage drop over the thimble. 3-4 times more efficient Open burners with atmospheric air mixture consume approximately three to four times more gross energy compared to electricity. Below ...

vacuum dryer / dry air / batch / for plastic pellets
vacuum dryer
MedLine® MDCW series

... itself. If you don’t need dry-air conveying, order a non-dry air conveying MDCW with a dryer and hopper, and add a self-contained vacuum loader. Carousel Plus Reliability; MedLine ...

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hot air dryer / batch / compact
hot air dryer

... measures at 45 inches long. The product requires a part of the floor space with the conventional dryers but still it only consumes low wattage. The dryer also features open door interlock switches, alarms, ...

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Nordson Industrial Coating Systems
dry air dryer / batch / cleaning / nozzle
dry air dryer

... system, AUTEFA Solutions developed the Square Drum Dryer SQ-V which combines the small footprint of a drum dryer with the better performance of a belt dryer. The nozzle system in the ...

dry air drying system / continuous / air / curing
dry air drying system

FEATURES The Allgaier rolling bed dryer combines the advantages of drum dryer systems and fluidized bed dryer systems and is used to dry wood chips and organic waste. The innovative ...

desiccant dryer / dry air / batch / for plastic pellets
desiccant dryer
DRYMAX E30, E60 series

... Series dry air dryers are equipped with two desiccant beds to supply continuous dry process air and constant quality for the perfect drying of plastic resin. Dew Point to -60°C Motorized ...

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hot air dryer / batch / dehumidifying
hot air dryer
G-ESN series

... hopper to form a single drying unit. The ESN hot air generator is a separate unit, connected to the insulated drying hopper by using special high temperature flexible or rigid pipes. The hot air dryer ...

air blast dryer / batch
air blast dryer
15 scfm | DD10

Disposable Inline Anhydrous Drying Apparatuses from Parker are an economical solution to guaranteeing responsive metrical pneumatic functions are not leaked onto any harmful moisture levels. Its set of features consist ...

dry air drying system / dehumidifying
dry air drying system

Central Material Drying Systems can be floor standing but are often positioned on a mezzanine. A typical system may comprise of a larger dehumidifying drying cabinet supplying dry air to multiple groups ...

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Summit Systems
hot air dryer / batch / for tobacco
hot air dryer

The CPM Wolverine Proctor Stem Dryer is designed specifically for drying tobacco stems in GLT Plants without a reordering requirement. The specially designed conveyor plate is used to prevent the sticking ...

rotary drum dryer / hot air / continuous / for the textile industry
rotary drum dryer
DRYTEX Tuned-Air

Multi-sided finishing system based on tensionless drying, relaxation and shrinkage of open width and tubular form knitted fabrics. It was designed based on experiences that has been constituted in the preparation of knitted fabric so ...

vibrating dryer / hot air / batch / dehumidifying
vibrating dryer
G series

... from dust, the dryer can also be fitted with a dust extractor.Easy integration into the mass finishing processA rubberised feed hopper for your workpieces is located on the side of the unit, so that you can effortlessly ...

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dry air dryer / batch
dry air dryer

Central Drying Systems reduce operating costs, increase production, improve product quality and produce excellent returns on investment. Dry multiple materials using only one central source for dry air. ...

hot air dryer / continuous / laboratory / stainless steel
hot air dryer
KW.86 Series

... in brushed AISI 0 stainless steel sheet and equipped with split opening door with sealing. Heating is achieved with specific air heaters; discharge of steam inside the chamber occurs by means of centrifugal electroaspirator ...

vacuum dryer / hot air / rotary / continuous
vacuum dryer

... Fletcher monotube dryer-cooler dries and cools the sugar. Simple and efficient technology Cail & Fletcher monotube dryer-cooler comprises a rotary cylinder mounted on path rings and trunnions. Vacuum ...

air blast dryer / continuous / for the textile industry
air blast dryer
AIRO® 24

Power in the air AIRO® 24: the new and original high-efficiency dryer for continuous and open-width tumbling treatments of woven, non woven and knitted fabrics. A high quality finishing style which ...

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hot air dryer / compact / with temperature control
hot air dryer
EH series

The hot air dryer units in the EH SERIES are compact solutions designed for the effective treatment of non-hygroscopic materials by means of a powerful high head air generator. - ...

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hot air dryer / continuous
hot air dryer

... HA Series Hot Air Dryers feature a single blower that provides heated air to dry non-hygroscopic materials. Set point process temperature control to 300ºF (149ºC). 60-1500 CFM (102-2548 ...

air blast drying system / for cans / cylinder
air blast drying system
DRI-Line LNL series

ACIs LNL drying system is a fully enclosed unit as both the EP10A compact blower and the chosen air delivery device(s) are housed within a sealed, robust acoustic enclosure. This not only protects the ...

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air blast drying system / vibrating
air blast drying system

... insulated dryer design - Easy operation and maintenance - The scope of supply for the drying plant included the complete handling equipment for air treatment and dust removal as ...

dry air dryer / centrifugal / batch / for plastic pellets
dry air dryer

... The pellets take an upward spiral path from the bottomto the top of the dryer. Final drying is accomplished by the flow of dry air through pellets in the top portion of the dryer. ...

hot air dryer / continuous / cooler
hot air dryer
max. 2 500 kg/h | EAC

... technology - EAC (Efficient Air Cooling) - utilizing the hot air from the extrusion process. This unique drying system is designed for all extrusion lines using EAC technology. Delivery ...