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Android App / data management / data collection / data acquisition
Android App
Zeno Mobile

Professional data capture for Android phones and tablets. Leica Zeno Mobile is an Android app available on selected Android phones and tablets and ...

human-machine interface App / schematic drawing / document digitization / for bending
human-machine interface App

... may be imported to the Jorns folding machine (control depending) App allows for profile- and project creation at the jobsite with no internet needed For questions or feedback on the app, please contact ...

data management mobile app / configuration / cloud / Android
data management mobile app

Onset’s HOBOmobile app, a free download from the iTunes or Google Play app store, makes it a snap to configure MX Series data loggers and manage the collected data. Right from a mobile ...

Android mobile app / iOS / Bluetooth
Android mobile app

... time, and tare values. Available for Android & IOS The RAVAS WeightsApp is a free app for smartphones and tablets. It is available for Android & IOS and can be downloaded from Google ...

configuration mobile app / Android
configuration mobile app

FMBT MOBILE APPLICATION Now FMB devices setup is easier than ever! Beloved FMB status window is now available on your Android phone! INFORMATION OF DEVICE STATUS AND DATA Everything you need to know ...

urban service incident management mobile app / real-time / Android / Bluetooth
urban service incident management mobile app

control App / alarm / Android / iOS
control App

New features and more functions in the new Bed Control App Smartphone apps play a central part of everyday life for people across the world. The new LINAK® Bed Control App gives owners ...

control mobile app / Android / iOS
control mobile app
User statistics in focus, Auto-connect to desk, Available fo

... the app keeps track of the user’s road to set goals and marks milestones. As an extra feature, we have made sure that once the app has paired phone with desk, it will remember the phone. When the ...

alignment mobile app / Android / iOS
alignment mobile app

... Thanks to groundbreaking cross-platform technology, the Easy-Laser XT Alignment App lets you display data on a multitude of different handheld devices using iOS and Android, giving you ...

calculation mobile app / for remote access / for compressors / Android
calculation mobile app

The BAUER KOMPRESSOREN APP (B-APP) offers an array of features including product-specific news, videos and various calculation tools related to compressed air. In addition, the B-APP ...

leak detection mobile app / Android / iOS
leak detection mobile app

UE Systems has created an application for mobile devices which can be used to easily generate reports from data collected in identified leaks. Once leaks are identified and the respective information is entered, the ...

image-processing mobile app / Android
image-processing mobile app

... tablet.You can analyze the live IR image stream from your connected camera with auto hot and cold spot detection. This app works on most Android devices running 5.0+ with a micro USB port supporting ...

inspection mobile app / for leak detection / pipe / real-time
inspection mobile app

Save time and money with fast and comprehensive leak reports Quickly report a leak in 5 steps : - Create a survey - Document each leak in pictures - Describe the leak and estimate its cost impact - Synchronise your survey with the web ...

visualization mobile app / configuration / Android / iOS
visualization mobile app

Available for iOS, Android and Windows: the FIAVis App Commander offers a flexible Smartphone/Tablet user interface for the EIB/ KNX system. Place and configure your controls with a comfortable WYSIWYG editor, ...

visualization mobile app / KNX / Android / iOS
visualization mobile app

... connect to the central data pool by LAN. Optionally you can design optimized user interfaces for mobile iOS/Android devices, usable by the native FIAVis App Commander software, which ...

remote device management mobile app / real-time / Android / Bluetooth
remote device management mobile app

VacuSniff is a simple bus sniffer, designed to work with Thyracont Bluebridge Bluetooth devices. It shows the pressure values of connected transmitters directly on the screen, like a multimeter. It is perfect for taking a quick look on ...

inspection mobile app / management / Android
inspection mobile app
Beamex bMobile

... calibrations and inspections, making it an inefficient process that is prone to errors. Beamex bMobile 2 is an application for mobile devices for paperless execution and documentation of calibration and inspection activities ...

analysis App / management / monitoring / for photovoltaic installations
analysis App

... the feed-in scheme and the amount of saved CO2 at a glance. e.UserApp receives the data from the internet portal so the mobile solution ist an absolutely fully-integrated application without restrictions. The application ...

management mobile app / for photovoltaic installations / real-time / Android
management mobile app
“Elios4you” App

... possibility of ensuring that the energy it produces is managed virtuously. Main features Free App available on App Store and Google Play Available for iOS and Android systems Functions ...