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CCTV camera / full-color / CMOS / CCD
CCTV camera

·Image sensor, OV COLOR CMOS CCD ·TV System NTSC/PAL selectable ·High resolution: 510(H)*492(V) ·Working temperature: -25~70 ℃ ·Weight: 480g ·Water-proof, vibration-proof, surge protection availa

security camera / machine vision / NIR / CCD
security camera

NET´s FOculus Firewire IEEE 1394 (IIDC) camera line with high sensitive sensors are designed for industrial applications such as machine vision and factory automation. The FOculus family is compatible to software libraries ...

inspection camera / multi-spectral / hyperspectral / HD
inspection camera
6 Mpix, 1940 x 1460 pix | Kingfisher V

The successful launch of the Kingfisher CCD has compelled Raptor to launch the new deep cooled vacuum version of the same camera. The Kingfisher V uses new Sony ICX694 chip with 6MP resolution and offers ...

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Raptor Photonics
inspection camera / infrared / HD / CCD
inspection camera

... orientation and documentation. Specific camera positions can be saved for later to easy recall positions of interest. The auto Run & Scan function ensuring for instance the systematic outright containment wall inspection. ...

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viZaar industrial imaging AG
CCTV camera / infrared / digital / CCD
CCTV camera

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Anko-Tech S.A.
inspection camera / full-color / CCD / GigE
inspection camera
PL-H9611C series

... Pixelink®, is a 10.7MP (4008x2672 at 3.3 FPS) CCD camera generally designed for demanding machine vision application which necessitate the utmost precision. This camera, equipped with ...

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inspection camera / acoustic / full-color / CCD
inspection camera

MSV Product shows the object or the area the most responsible of total noise thanks to a spot on the camera image. Interest is to make easier, faster and more efficient the detection of total noise or noise pollution ...

inspection camera / visible / CCD / for coordinate measuring machines
inspection camera

Aberlink’s camera system offers a non-contact facility on any Aberlink CMM. A clever design of magnetic, kinematic joint allows the probe and camera to be swapped in just seconds. This means that components ...

CCTV camera / infrared / CCD / PAL/NTSC
CCTV camera

CCD/CMOS 1/3"SONY CCD Image Sensor ICX639BK DSP NVPNVP2090 Horizontal Resolution 650TV Line Effective Pixels PAL:440KP,752(H)×582(V);NTSC 380KP,768(H)×494(V) TV System PAL/NTSC Electronic Shutter ...

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Cantonk Corporation Limited
CCTV camera / full-color / HD / CCD
CCTV camera

432X Zoom Box Camera, 1/4" High Resolution CCD, 550TVL, 36X optical, 12X digital, XWDR, TDN (ICR), DSS, 3D-DNR, motion detection, privacy zone, OSD, RS-485 (Pelco-D), PTZ controller interface, ...

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CCTV camera / infrared / CCD / compact
CCTV camera

... 355ir is our first indoor/outdoor, all weather, infrared day/night IP based LanPro Camera. It is a pure IP device. This camera doesn´t need the use of a traditional camera enclosure, ...

inspection camera / full-color / CCD / for pipe inspection
inspection camera
PS series

Mitcorp's PS Series is generally utilized for applications that involve inspection areas that are difficult to access, such as ceiling, air-condition ducts, bridges, and tunnels. The series is capable of integrating with the 3.5" systems, ...

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Mitcorp (Medical Intubation Corporation)
inspection camera / monochrome / CCD / Camera Link
inspection camera
1024 x 1024 pix, 30 fps | Pantera 1M30

The Pantera TF 1M30 camera provides high-sensitivity 12 bit images with 1k x 1k spatial resolution at up to 30 frames per second ( fps). The 1M30 is a frame transfer CCD camera using ...

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night vision camera / thermal imaging / full-color / CCD
night vision camera
IRI6000 Series

Featuring an uncooled high resolution 640x480 sensor, the cameras combine the traditional Irisys features of performance, flexibility and minimal cost of ownership. With the option of compact enclosure and screw fit lenses, ...

monitoring camera / machine vision / full-color / CCD
monitoring camera
CVS1 series

Smart camera for machine vision are vision systems that extracts information from the captured image as required by application. Smart cameras are also termed as intelligent camera and ...

inspection camera / full-color / HD / CCD
inspection camera

... MICROCAST® HDXS™ Camera Head Advanced 3CCD HD image sensors Patented microscope exposure system Low-profile lightweight design Industry standard C-mount optical interface 3m and 10m camera ...

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inspection camera / monochrome / CCD
inspection camera

... 1280 x 1024 pxl Resolution line scan camera 2048 x pxl Monochrome and colour cameras Sensors: 1/2" CCD, 1/3" CCD, 1/4" CCD, 1/3"CMOS Vision frequency: ...

inspection camera / visible / CCD / with orientable rotary head
inspection camera
Revolver 80

... inspection of pipe lines. They have two cameras integrated in the head which allows for fast and secure inspection. It has a nominal cross-section which varies from 80 to > 1,000 mm. The purpose of the first camera ...

monitoring camera / full-color / CCD / HDMI
monitoring camera
Moticam series

The Moticam Series is a line of multi-output cameras manufactured by Motic®. These cameras offers digital as well as analog connections making it suitable for use with a projector, a computer or a TV ...

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Motic Europe
security camera / NIR / CCD / for harsh environments
security camera
Accuracii ML

... observation using 17µ 640 x 480 thermal camera technology. The unit showcases either a 15 to 100 mm Continuous Zoom head or a 45 to 135 mm dual field of view head for day and night operation. It also has a 1/4" CCD ...

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monitoring camera / monochrome / CCD / for microscopes
monitoring camera
Moticam 480

The Moticam 480 represents the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to choosing a microscopy camera solution. Attach this camera to your microscope's eyepiece or to a trinocular port and view live images ...

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inspection camera / full-color / ICCD / for microscopes
inspection camera

This ICCD digital camera is developed by Photek. It delivers high resolution images with its compact design. The camera has various photocathode sizes such as 18 mm, 25 mm and 40 mm. C or F mount lens ...

thermal imaging camera / infrared / CCD / microbolometer
thermal imaging camera
7 - 14 μm, -20 °C ...+1200 °C | Duracam 320 P-Series

... DuraCam P-series portable infrared camera offers outstanding image quality and radiometric temperature measurement performance in a rugged and easy to use handheld enclosure. This highly flexible infrared camera ...

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Infrared Cameras Inc. (ICI)
surveillance camera / monochrome / CCD / CMOS
surveillance camera
1280 x 1024 pix, 50 - 200 000 fps | GX-1

The Compact Digital Cameras High-Speed Series GX-1 is manufactured by NAC Image Technology. The product has compact and durable design that can withstand more than 100 g of weight. The product has ultra light sensitive ...

thermal imaging camera / full-color / CCD / cooled
thermal imaging camera
CF Series

BassCam™CF Series Recovery Boiler Smelt Bed Cameras view through flame, smoke, particulate, etc. with infra red vision to allow operators to optimize smelt bed shape. When combined with STV-01 Thermal Imaging Software, ...

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Bass Electronics, Inc.