Centrifugal separators

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centrifugal separator / liquid
centrifugal separator

Width: 95.8 in

... of ground conditions. The plant integrates a three-chambered modular base tank with electrical control panel, one or two centrifugal pumps to feed the hydrocyclones, and shaker platform(s). The base tank can accommodate ...

electromagnetic separator / drum / metal / for the recycling industry
electromagnetic separator

Width: 1,000 mm - 2,000 mm

... for removing the iron directly from the shredded product in a one- or two-step process. They are also often used as pre-separator, at the beginning of the processing line. Here the largest pieces of iron are separated ...

centrifugal separator / oil / water / condensate
centrifugal separator
CSP EnviroChamp 2

Oil Water Separators The CSP EnviroChamp2 Series oil/water separator is designed for 90°F at 90% RH summertime conditions and can separate oil/discharge water to levels of 15 ppm. Using the most advanced ...

centrifugal separator / oil / water / process
centrifugal separator
Intelli PAK

Flow rate: 250 ft³/min - 1,500 ft³/min

Why Do I Need an Oil-Water Separator? The process of compressing air typically produces a substantial amount of condensate that contains air compressor lubricant carryover. Without an oil-water separator ...

centrifugal separator / liquid / for the food industry / process
centrifugal separator

Liquid-Liquid Extraction Process Centrifugal Separator Podbielniak® Contactor B&P’s Podbielniak® Contactor (POD®) is a horizontal axis centrifuge that processes liquids for accelerated solvent extraction. ...

air separator / oil / water / compact
air separator

Flow rate: 9.6 m³/h - 960 m³/h

The oil and water separator is used for desaturating compressed air and other industrial gases. The separator ensures trouble-free and rational operation of compressed air and gas consumers by increasing ...

drum separator / wastewater / process
drum separator

Filterdrum extern Separating solids from wastewater or process water sturdy stainless steel enclosure with overflow and multiple inspection doors for good cleanability rotating drum from wedge wire (very wide choice in gap opening) drum ...

air separator / waste / for the recycling industry
air separator

... field of tire recycling and recovery of copper from electric cables. Unlike the systems actually on the market, the T-SEPARATOR is distinguished by its compactness and high efficiency and it also does not require continuous ...

self-cleaning separator / centrifugal / liquid / for solids
self-cleaning separator

Filtration size: 0.5 µm - 500 µm

SPX FLOW Seital Separation Technology offers a wide range of self-cleaning separators for liquid/liquid/solid separation. This type of separator allows for the recovery of fine particles (0,5-500 µm), ...

centrifugal separator / liquid / for solids / process
centrifugal separator

Filtration size: 0.5 µm - 500 µm

... Separation Technology offers a wide range of solids-retaining separators for liquid/liquid/solid separation with very low solids content in the feed (less than 0.2% in volume). This type of separator ...

disc stack separator / liquid / for solids / for the food industry
disc stack separator

... separated solids (concentrate) must be continuously discharged, Seital proposes a wide range of self-cleaning nozzle separators. This kind of separator allows the clarification of the liquid and the discharge ...

cyclone separator / liquid / for the petroleum industry / for the gas industry
cyclone separator

Cyclone Separators are designed to remove solids and liquids from a gas pipeline. Cyclone Separators are designed to remove solids and liquids from a gas pipeline. Cyclone ...

cyclone separator / gas / liquid / vertical
cyclone separator

... of filter separators. Units are constructed incorporating Plenty coalescing cartridges, vane units and/or cyclones to achieve the required solid and liquid removal efficiency. Vertical Filter Separator The ...

centrifugal separator / oil / water / for the petroleum industry
centrifugal separator
STH 002

Flow rate: 126 m³/h

Air flow [m³/h] 126 Air flow [m³/min] 2,1 Connection G 1/2 Dimension [mm] 89x267 Weight [kg] 1,1

centrifugal separator / oil / water / for the petroleum industry
centrifugal separator
STH 046

Flow rate: 2,760 m³/h

Air flow [m³/h] 2760 Air flow [m³/min] 46,0 Connection G 3 Dimension [mm] 188x733 Weight [kg] 12,5

centrifugal separator / sand / waste recycling
centrifugal separator

A sediment separator – often also called sand separator – removes sand or other heavy solids from liquids. In a paper mill, those liquids are mainly filtrates from HD cleaners. The principle is quite ...

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air classifier / centrifugal / gravity / cyclone
air classifier
Air Classifiers

... friendly and economical classifying solution. Metso air classifiers provide a full system solution with an alternative to wet classifying. Benefits Metso has an extensive range of air classifiers ...

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Metso Corporation
centrifugal separator / water / condensate / oil
centrifugal separator

Flow rate: 30 l/s

... condensate treatment for oil-injected piston and rotary screw compressors below 30 l/s (60 cfm), dryers and water separators. This oil-water separator uses a new, advanced filter medium to remove oil ...

air separator / gas
air separator

... Mathena™ high-volume mud-gas separator vents the "free" gas at a safe distance from the rig to the gas vent line igniter, while returning the drilling fluid to the active system in a controlled flow. Mathena™ mud-gas ...

air separator / condensate
air separator
KCF series

Flow rate: 500 ft³/min

... costs for waste oil increase and environmental regulations become more stringent, the benefits of Kaeser’s KCF oil/water separators are clear. The KCF eliminates the need for expensive waste collection services by removing ...

air separator / water / condensate / oil
air separator
CTS Eliminator II series

The CTS Eliminator II separates oil contamination from condensate before being expelled. The condensate becomes contaminated by the oil and must be treated before expelling it into a sewer system or onto the ground. The oil must be separated ...

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cyclone separator / gas / compact
cyclone separator
75 / 12

... freestanding 75/12 cyclone is 75 inches long for installing in a typical suction-blast. For standard installation in a pressure-blast, the cyclone stack-up featuring a small-sized pressure vessel is 138 ...

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classifier separator / air / flow / powder
classifier separator

Filtration size: 2 µm - 120 µm
Flow rate: 20 m³/h

The picosplit® ultrafine classifier by Hosakawa Alpine is used for the classification of dry powders by particle size. In order to classify ultrafine powders, this uses the separation range 2µm-120µm It has grinding and ...

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centrifugal separator / gas / liquid
centrifugal separator
30L series

Filtration size: 10 µm

The Eaton Type 30L is an automatic gas liquid separator that eradicates 99% of all liquid and solid entrainment particles that are 10 microns larger. This device comes in a portable design and requires zero maintenance. ...

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Eaton Filtration
air separator / water
air separator

Flow rate: 0 m³/min - 54 m³/min

Racor Moisture / Ember Separators provide critical protection of fire suppression equipment by preventing flying embers and water from entering the engine air intake and damaging downstream air filters.

drum separator / for the food industry / compact
drum separator

Soft Separator Technical Data: Operator requirements: 1 person Drum hole diameter: 1.3, 2, 3 ;4, 5 mm (other dimensions upon request) Throughput: The throughput is dependent upon several factors including: type of ...

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centrifugal separator / meat / for the food industry / universal
centrifugal separator

... safety Maximum weight precision Can be used with grinders 982 Suitable for all raw materials: meat/fish/vegetables 813 Separator 813 Continuity Thanks to controlled, continuous separation, products flows are ...

centrifugal separator / oil / for the food industry
centrifugal separator
AFPX series

Flow rate: 3,000 l/h - 40,000 l/h

AFPX separators are used in meat, fish and blood processing industries to purify and enhance recovery of valuable protein fractions, fats and oils. These robust and high performing separators are especially ...

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Alfa Laval
air separator / cyclone / flow / fiber
air separator
SGF series

... 70% recirculated air Pressure control to enable adjustments of capacities Fan arrangement on clean air side downstream cyclone prevents wear on fan impeller and impeller housing Process Heating system

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air separator / dry materials / fiber / for the recycling industry
air separator

The new generation of foreign part separators A complex task for our developers: „How is it possible to further improve the benchmark for foreign part separation?" The solution, which denotes an all-time high-end, is: ...

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