Compact fans

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floor-standing fan / propeller / extraction / ventilation
floor-standing fan

Air flow: 28,050 m³/h

... the most versatile battery-powered fan on the market. It can be used for PPV (offensive, defensive, combined), blowing, extraction and it can be transformed into a foam generator or rehab misting device. COMPACT, ...

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centrifugal fan / exhaust / air duct / compact
centrifugal fan

Air flow: 0 ft³/min - 29,000 ft³/min

If the IPVB Inline Power Venter is not the right size for you, the TDF Power Venter is your choice. It is available for small as well as large applications. It can be installed inline so it is easily accessible. But ...

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centrifugal fan / ventilation / compact / industrial
centrifugal fan
CCV 75

Air flow: 50 m³/h - 400 m³/h

Small compact fan in plastic Flow rate: min. 80 m3/h to max. 340 m3/h Static pressure: min 100 Pa to max. 800 Pa Efficiency: Max. 75% Inlet / outlet Ø 75mm Housing: ● self-supporting ...

rooftop fan / centrifugal / extraction / horizontal
rooftop fan

Air flow: 0 m³/h - 2,200 m³/h

Horizontal compact jet roof extract unit Compact design with net protection Complete with terminal box Available in 3 models: 220, 225, 280 Made of galvanized steel, stamped steel plate cover Flow ...

centrifugal fan / mixed-flow / ventilation / compact
centrifugal fan
IN-NOVO series

Air flow: 170 m³/h - 4,900 m³/h

... performances, low profi le and a compact design, silent. Jagged mixed fl ow blades design with guide vanes, according to the S.N.S. (Serrated Novovent Concept). Applications: The low profi le and the compact design ...

rooftop fan / centrifugal / belt-driven / compact
rooftop fan

Air flow: 3,000 ft³/min - 53,000 ft³/min

... additional supply air filtration. The LSF uses a dual inlet backward-inclined centrifugal wheel for the highest efficiency and compact operation. 3,000 to 53,000 cfm Up to 5.5 in. wg.

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exhaust fan / wall-mounted / axial / ventilation
exhaust fan

Air flow: 18 m³/min - 73 m³/min

This compact device is a low noise, large airflow one, with the steely bearings making it suitable for continuous applications. You can install these items horizontally, vertically and in various other positions, including ...

centrifugal fan / direct-drive / compact / with airfoil blades
centrifugal fan

Air flow: 0 ft³/min - 27,366 ft³/min

SQAD / SQBD Direct Drive Direct Drive SQAD/SQBD fans combine the performance and efficiency of Chicago's versatile "Square" Fans with the advantages of a compact directly driven arrangement. ...

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axial fan / ventilation / for circular ducts / industrial
axial fan
AFC series

Air flow: 2,020 m³/h - 64,000 m³/h

Application AFC fans are used in ventilation installations, where the fan is connected to air ducts from the inlet and outlet. Compact and solid construction of AFC fans ...

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centrifugal fan / cooling / ventilation / high-performance
centrifugal fan
OR / COR / ORV Series

... applications requiring a very compact, high-performance solution. The compact dimension of the fan and the absence of a fixed direction of the airflow make these products very useful ...

axial fan / compact
axial fan

Air flow: 57 l/min

... terms of airflow volume and pressure. In the power axial blowers, high flow rates are combined with high pressure – in a compact package. The qualities of these wide-ranging solutions are in particularly high demand ...

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axial fan / industrial / AC / compact
axial fan

Air flow: 0 m³/min - 4.7 m³/min

A wide selection of models and delivering ions with fan* Butterfly louver for changing the angle of wind direction from the front cover. Each front cover can be set for a desired direction - high speed spot elimination ...

tangential fan / cooling / compact
tangential fan
G/T 25-90 series

Air flow: 72 m³/h - 1,860 m³/h

LTG’s small tangential fans are particularly suitable for use in machinery and equipment where space is at a premium and where small to medium air quantities are needed for cooling or ...

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LTG Aktiengesellschaft
electronic fan / axial / industrial / for pneumatic conveying
electronic fan
F16EA series

Air flow: 0.01 m³/min

•Ultra-compact / Low-profile model, that is ideal for compact electric instrument and local cooling •Realization of high air flow and low noise by adoption of Meridian impeller which is highly effective ...

centrifugal fan / exhaust / ventilation / compact
centrifugal fan
350 ℃,635025~1305751 m³/h

Air flow: 635,025 m³/h - 1,305,751 m³/h

... etc. The new generation high temperature fan updated design and manufacture with fluid dynamics software from NREC (USA) based on the combination with imported design& manufacture know-how of high temperature fan ...

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Chongqing General Industry (Group) Co., Ltd
axial fan / compact / ATEX / metal
axial fan
MAV Series

HW MAV - Metal Axial Ventilator Metal Axial Ventilator Metal case, efficient, strong and compact structure, painted or galvanized Technical details HW MAV ventilators are manufactured assembling HW axial impellers ...

axial fan / ventilation / compact / commercial
axial fan

... wide range of applications from custom-designed, heavy-duty fans for use in locomotives and off-highway vehicles to standardised, light duty commercial air handling fans. We make OEM axial fans ...

floor-standing fan / axial / ventilation / low-speed
floor-standing fan
450 lbs | AirGo®

... ft. (2.4m) diameter and 360-degree angle adjustment capabilities, AirGo® is our biggest, most versatile vertical floor fan. Its compact design and durable construction make it an ideal air movement solution ...

centrifugal fan / extraction / ventilation / ATEX
centrifugal fan

Application: The direct driven compact centrifugal fans of product group CREM (Etatec by Pollrich DLK can be used for extraction and supply of clean/and slightly dusty air for various applications. The ...

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Pollrich DLK Ventilatoren
rooftop fan / centrifugal / exhaust / backward curved
rooftop fan

Air flow: 27,000 m³/h

Velone – Smoke exhaust roof fans CE marking-compliant. F400 Class (400 °C – 120 min) in accordance with EN 12101-3. Airflow range up to 27,000 m3/h. Compact to protect against impacts and weather. ALL-IN-ONE ...

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ceiling-mounted fan / axial / low-noise / low-speed
ceiling-mounted fan

Air flow: 100,000 m³/h - 490,000 m³/h

Both I220 & I340 axial fans are designed to turn at low speed and to be used in any place where there is high air volume need without the creation of disturbing air-stream that could affect negatively people or animals. Working-range Air ...