ice cream production line / continuous
ice cream production line

Batch production for small-scale production foresees the preparation and heat treatment (pasteurization) of the mix, carried out in a single pre-assembled plant, composed of pasteurization, homogenizer, ...

food production line / automatic / continuous
food production line

... optical, photovoltaic, medical or automotive sector. Please choose a product on the right side of this page SHEET LINES CALENDERING LINES FOR RIGID FILM AND SHEET solutions for polyolefin, polystyrene ...

cheese production machine / continuous
cheese production machine

... … A compact dimensions machine designed for small dairies aiming to automate the cheese production, while maintaining a diversified and small artisan production. Simple operation, compact structure, ...

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Dima s.r.l.
angle production line / continuous
angle production line

... location in the world. - COMBINED PRODUCTION LINE is designed in order to produce Corner beads and Gypsumboard profiles on the same line by changing rollers and punching dies ...

ceiling pannel production line / automatic / continuous
ceiling pannel production line

Suspended Ceiling Production Lines Suspended Ceiling Production Lines are specially designed to produce various size of ceiling panels at different dimensions, perforation ...

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AGMline / Sacform
dough production line / continuous
dough production line

Paste production plant - Continuous milling and refining units to get nuts paste (hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, pistachio, and other type of roasted nuts) - Variable refining level, according to one’s ...

automatic production line / for aluminum profiles / laminated tube / continuous
automatic production line

... combined with units for lacquering, printing, varnishing and a thermal drying oven forms the core of a typical Hinterkopf production line. Our all-rounder H200 solves almost every task: the decoration ...

cheese production line / continuous
cheese production line

High flexibility, variety of cheese types and innovative adjustment are the characteristics of today’s medium-sized dairies. Curd preparation is carried out either fully continuously using our modern Coagulators or in traditional cheese vats.

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Alpma Alpenland Maschinenbau
paper production line / automatic / continuous
paper production line

... and Tabloid Newspaper finishing by means of a new POPP7 folding and collating module for an enhanced production - eminently suitable for the production of inserts and supplements. Main features ...

cheese production line / automatic / continuous
cheese production line

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Almac S.r.l.
dough production line / continuous
dough production line

... weight ranges Mini Rex Futura / Mini Rex Multi prover with 145 useable swings (K version with cup swings, SL version with continuous swings), max. weight of each dough piece: approx. 100g optionally available also with ...

sandwich panel production line / continuous
sandwich panel production line

... Russia and so forth as well as domestic market and is well received from customers. Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel Production Line consists of Un-coiler that inputs and releases coil, Roll Forming ...

food production line / automatic / continuous / modular
food production line

... formed products or minced meat portions and minced meat products. The modular structure of the line solutions from Handtmann ensures the effectiveness of the line solution in conjunction with the MBF ...

food production machine / continuous
food production machine

Perfectly linked ConPro products with closed, well-formed ends The ConProLink system enables the continuous production of products with closed ends. The ConProLink technology produces an alginate casing ...