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depalletizer for the food industry / automatic
depalletizer for the food industry

Kortlever offers a wide range of logistic solutions. Packing material, or even dirt, remains often on pallets or dollies. We deliver complete automatic solutions that separate packing materials from pallets or dollies. Empty pallets ...

layer depalletizer / bottle / for cans / bottle
layer depalletizer

... The depalletizers designed by Traktech are able to make format changes without any worker intervention. The most profitable depalletizer, fully automated Based on a simple depalletizer, ...

sheet metal depalletizer / unloader / for automatic storage systems / plate
sheet metal depalletizer

... product, connedted to depalletizer, assures fast unloading goods on pallets. It enables efficient seperation chosen pallets from sheet metal. Putted directly on the LogiTower shelves, saves storage space. Logi Tower ...

layer depalletizer / for the food and beverage industry / for glass containers / for cans
layer depalletizer

-Depalletizer with pallet lift and high level outfeed for glass, cans, jars and other products. -Sweep-off depalletizing with driven carriage. -Possibility to handle different types of pallets. -Easy machine handling ...

automatic depalletizer
automatic depalletizer

UNLOADING AND CUTTING BAGS - DEPALLETIZER MACHINE Automatic machine suitable for emptying bags of about 25kg containing "granulate or powders materials" with a potential maximum of 500/600 bags / hour. The machine consists ...