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infrared thermometer / digital / hand-held / non-contact
infrared thermometer

Temperature: -200 °C - 520 °C

CHARACTERISTICS:Meter EM 520B is a portable infrared non-contact thermometer with single spot laser sighting and LCD display (31/2 digits). Auto-power off function (10s after releasing the button), low battery indicatorpower ...

probe thermometer / digital / portable / stainless steel
probe thermometer

Temperature: -50 °C - 300 °C

SPECIFICATIONS Range: * -50/300 ºC * -58/572 ºF Accuracy: * 1 ºC/ºF Resolution: * 0.1 ºC/ºF Memory of maximum and minimum Stainless steel probe 150 mm, fixed

probe thermometer / digital / portable
probe thermometer

Temperature: -40 °C - 70 °C

SPECIFICATIONS Indoor temperature: -10/50ºC (14/122ºF) Outdoor temperature: -40/70ºC (-58/158ºF) Accuracy: +/- 1 ºC Resolution: 0.1 ºC Memory of maximum and minimum Probe with 1.5 meter-long cable

probe thermometer / digital / portable / electronic
probe thermometer

Temperature: -40 °C - 80 °C

... Economical and easy to operate ·Cable 4-core technology ·Crash-proof design ·Temperature Profile Portable Electronic Thermometer PET-250.1 is designed for an in-field temperature measurement ...

thermocouple thermometer / digital / hand-held / compact
thermocouple thermometer
TM 60

Temperature: -200 °C - 1,370 °C

1 K thermocouple input Protection against overvoltage MAX, MIN, HOLD Easy handling Compact format

thermocouple thermometer / digital / compact
thermocouple thermometer
TM 62

Temperature: -200 °C - 1,370 °C

2 K thermocouple inputs Protection against overvoltage Temperature difference measurement MAX, MIN, HOLD Easy handling Compact format

digital thermometer / portable / compact / with laser pointer
digital thermometer
TM 65

Laser sighting MAX, HOLD Choice of measurement unit 6/1 targeting range, fixed emissivity Particularly compact

NTC thermometer / thermistor / digital / panel-mount
NTC thermometer

Temperature: -40 °C - 10 °C

... thermistor-input thermometer modules provide a simple cost-effective way to accurately measure air temperatures from -40 to +221°F (-40 to +105°C). The user can choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit readings via a rear ...

probe thermometer / digital / mobile / with laser pointer
probe thermometer

Temperature: -50 °C - 500 °C

500°C laser thermometer Precision +/- 3%. From - 50° to 500 C°. Perfect for control THERMOMETER - LASER - INSTANTANEOUS READING - CAPACITY: OF -40 ° A.C. 500° C

infrared thermometer / digital / portable / contact
infrared thermometer

Temperature: -200 °C - 1,371 °C

Measures temperatures from +1371°C to -200°C to cover most common applications Dual temperature measurement for faster measurement of heating and cooling systems Timer function for easy tracking of minimum, maximum and average temperatures ...

infrared thermometer / digital / mobile / with laser pointer
infrared thermometer
071553 110

Temperature: -50 °C - 650 °C

This is an infrared thermometer for the temperature range of min./max.-50 - 650 °C with nominal voltage of 9V/DC and spectral range min./max. 8-14um; reaction time of 150 ms, and battery of 9-V-Block; PP3; F22 specs.

infrared thermometer / digital / mobile / with laser pointer
infrared thermometer

Temperature: -50 °C - 1,600 °C

The digital infrared thermometer is equipped with a laser aiming system. It has a range of -50°C to +1600°C / -58°F to +2912°F, °C/°F scale selection and an accuracy of ±1.5% or ±2°C to 20°C. It has ...

infrared thermometer / digital / mobile / with laser pointer
infrared thermometer

Temperature: -20 °C - 260 °C

The 610 LC infrared thermometer ensures rapid, safe and accurate gauging of surface temperature with no contact. It features an automatic switch-off, 1°C resolution, backlit display, protective pouch, temperatures from ...

digital thermometer / pocket / waterproof
digital thermometer

Temperature: -50 °C - 150 °C

The FM10 is a water resistant pocket digital thermometer that has a temperature range of -50 degrees to +150 degrees.

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Fletcher European Containers Ltd
infrared thermometer / digital / portable / non-contact
infrared thermometer

Temperature: -25 °C - 1,450 °C

Devices employed to measure temperature without contact. Infrared thermometers are characterized by ease of use, almost immediate response time and they allow to measure (both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales) with safety ...

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probe thermometer / digital / hand-held / stainless steel
probe thermometer
MaxiTemp 2

Temperature: -5 °C - 45 °C

The OxyGuard MaxiTemp 2 is a small electronic thermometer specially designed to meet the demands of fish farmers and other professional people for a rugged, reliable and accurate thermometer ...

thermocouple thermometer / with LCD display / dual-channel
thermocouple thermometer

Temperature: -200 °C - 1,700 °C

2 channels, thermocouple temperature input module with 0.1°C resolution.

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FATEK Automation Corp.
thermocouple thermometer / digital / portable / compact
thermocouple thermometer
9810 series

Temperature: -50 °C - 1,300 °C

- Supplied with a plastic holster - Temperature probe - Hold and Max functions

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thermocouple thermometer / digital / miniature
thermocouple thermometer
DT73 S

Temperature: -50 °C - 1,300 °C

It is able to measure input and output temperature and temperature differentials through boilers, radiators etc. and can accept a wide range of K-type probe accessories. The meter comes with a protective rubberised holster and is switchable ...