GNSS antennas

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GSM antenna / GPS
GSM antenna

Frequency: 824 MHz - 2,400 MHz
Gain: 2.2 dB

Dual GPS GSM Antenna for use with the DSE890 device. DIMENSIONS 77.4mm x 15.9mm (depth when mounted, excluding bolt) WEIGHT 0.15 kg

GPS antenna / internal
GPS antenna
GPA series

Frequency: 1,575.4 MHz

[FEATURES] 1. Custom antenna pattern design. 2. Low power supply voltage, low consumption current. 3. Small antenna element 20(W) x 20(D) x 4(H) mm 4. Cable length and connector can be customized.

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Mitsumi Electric
GPS antenna / conical
GPS antenna
VIC 100

Frequency: 1,575.4 MHz
Gain: 3, 10 dB

Application: timing High gain: 30 min. No snow or dirt deposit due to cylindrical shape

GPS antenna / Galileo / LTE / MIMO
GPS antenna
1-2309605-1/1-2309646-1 Series

Frequency: 698 Hz - 1,710 Hz
Gain: 1.5 dB

The M2M MiMo LTE Antenna range has been designed to provide MiMo Cellular / LTE antenna function for IOT and M2M applications. The compact, robust low-profile housing is weatherproof and contains two ...

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TE Connectivity
GPS antenna / Bluetooth / WiFi / 3G UMTS
GPS antenna

Molex is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of custom antennas and antenna assemblies needed in wireless applications. Molex has been chosen by leading OEMs and ODMs globally. A broad range ...