inductive proximity sensor / rectangular / for harsh environments / long-range
inductive proximity sensor
2000 Series

Measuring range: 20 mm - 200 mm

... . Fully Encapsulated ABS & Marine Glass Fiber Cases - IP 66 Rating . Self - contained or remote sensors. The Series 2000 Inductive Proximity Sensors are built specifically ...

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inductive proximity sensor / cylindrical / IP67
inductive proximity sensor
VM series

Measuring range: 2, 4 mm

The VM series is a 2-wire inductive proximity sensor, manufactured by Micro-Detectors. This particular model is an AC M12 inductive proximity sensor ...

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Micro Detectors
inductive proximity switch
inductive proximity switch

Measuring range: 50 mm

The PIA-F100-002 is a protruding plastic housing inductive sensor, manufactured by Comus Group. It is designed with a cylinder shape, and is 100 mm x 100 mm x 50 mm in size. It contains AC NO output mode ...

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The Comus Group
inductive proximity sensor / small-size / cylindrical M5 / IP67
inductive proximity sensor

Measuring range: 1 mm

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inductive proximity sensor / cylindrical
inductive proximity sensor

The proximity inductive sensors are electronic commutation elements that work without fisical contact.They are employed for electronic circuits control. The inductive ...

inductive proximity sensor / miniature / IP67 / high-temperature
inductive proximity sensor
S38xx series

Measuring range: 0.8, 1.5 mm

The S38xx Series manufactured by FARGO is a high temperature inductive sensor. This device is made from stainless steel material casing and designed with a miniature size. It is characterized as a dust-tight ...

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inductive proximity sensor / clamp-on
inductive proximity sensor
16 mm | KJ16

The tube sensor detects moving metallic pieces in hoses or ducts. In contrast to conventional ring sensors the hose sensor can be mounted much easier and faster - the customer saves time ...

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inductive proximity sensor
inductive proximity sensor
IKL series

Measuring range: 15 mm

... aggressive emulsions into the cold rolling process. And if necessary this sensor can be replaced easily because it does not combine insolubly with its metallic surroundings. Proxitron sensors in a metal ...

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Proxitron GmbH
inductive proximity sensor / sheet
inductive proximity sensor
SMI series

... the centre in such a way that the strip moves centrally between the strip centre sensors. The strip centre sensor arranged below the strip is the reciever, and the sensor arranged above ...

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EMG Elektro Mechanik
inductive proximity switch / cylindrical / IP67
inductive proximity switch
SI series

Measuring range: 1 mm

Inductive sensor, diameter 4 mm, series SI, magnetoresistive NPN N.O., 10/30 Vdc, 0.1 A, PUR round cable, 2.5 metres

inductive proximity sensor / reed / threaded cylindrical / with LED light
inductive proximity sensor
PCQ series

Proximity Sensor (PCQ) Bimba offers pre-tested position sensing solutions for Bimba actuators. Our solutions provide a cost effective interface between the pneumatic actuators and electrical ...

inductive proximity sensor / cylindrical / IP67 / IP65
inductive proximity sensor

Voltage 15 ... 30V DC Size M8, M12, M18, M30 Analogue output 0 ... 10V, 4 ... 20 mA Flush fitting.

inductive proximity sensor / cylindrical / IP67 / switching
inductive proximity sensor

Voltage 20 ... 320V DC, 20 ... 265 V AC Size M12, M18, M30 2-wire, contactless Flush or non-flush mounting Standard switching distance. Special features: For direct and alternating voltage

inductive proximity sensor / cylindrical / IP68 / stainless steel
inductive proximity sensor

Voltage 10 ... 30V DC size M8, M12, M18, M30 PNP, NPN Reduction factor 1 for all metals Mounting type flush fitting or partially flush fitting Standard switching distance. Special features: Welding field immune

inductive proximity sensor / cylindrical / IP67 / non-contact
inductive proximity sensor

Measuring range: 1, 1.5 mm

The 20900 is an inductive proximity switch manufactured by Norelem. It is enclosed in a stainless steel housing, with an IP67 grade protection. The switch operates within a temperature ...

inductive proximity switch / cylindrical / rugged / compact
inductive proximity switch
proxi-captor 20xx.xx / 21xx.xx

Measuring range: 40, 80, 100, 45, 90 mm

Compact and remote, self-adjusting and adjustable proximity switches, fully encapsulated, no moving parts, rugged aluminium or ABS plastic housings For different switching distances. Supply Voltage: 90-250 VAC or 24 VDC

inductive proximity switch / rugged / IP65 / for harsh environments
inductive proximity switch
proxi-captor 2250 - 28xx

... harsh environments: typical application areas steel, rod & wire mills For ambient temperatures up to 200° C. Self adjusting sensors de-tune any surrounding steel work enabling operation in previous problematic areas. Custom ...

inductive proximity switch / cylindrical / rectangular / IP65
inductive proximity switch
proxi-captor 2610.3x

Measuring range: 0 mm - 140 mm

Inductive distance meter Measuring distance: up to 140 mm - fully resin encapsulated to withstand extreme heat & vibration. - stainless steel housing with integrated ...

inductive proximity sensor / cylindrical M8 / IP67 / standard
inductive proximity sensor

Measuring range: 0 mm - 1 mm

Proximity sensor 'PRX' Standard version: Brass cover with protection level IP67 DIN 40050. Electric contact: 5 ÷ 24 VdC. – Frequency: 2000 Hz. Operating temperature: form -20 to +70°C. ...

inductive proximity sensor / cylindrical / for hydraulic cylinders
inductive proximity sensor
871D series

Measuring range: 26 mm - 115.9 mm

These Presence Sensors by Rockwell Automation has the capacity to detect the current location of objects and/or personnel that is within the vicinity of possibly dangerous areas.

inductive proximity sensor / magnetic / slot type / with switching function
inductive proximity sensor
GR04,GS04 series

... blocks or grippers: FIPA offers a diverse range of magnetic field and proximity sensors with PNP or NPN switching output. Perfectly adapted to the FIPA construction kit system, sensors ...

inductive proximity sensor / cylindrical / rectangular
inductive proximity sensor
HESS0000 ,PSA Series

Proximity sensors detect the presence of metal objects which come within range of their oscillating field and provide target detection to “zero speed”. We offer various sizes and diameters to meet many applications.

inductive proximity switch / magnetic
inductive proximity switch

There are special requirements for inductive proximity switches used in welding plants (e. g. in body shops in the automotive production) due to strong magnetic fields, welding splashes ...

inductive proximity sensor / rectangular / IP67 / surface-mount
inductive proximity sensor

Measuring range: 5 mm

... of the truck, wire the cylindrical or surface mount sensor to the trip hopper and watch the LED screen illuminate the count. The red button allows you to reset the count whenever you like. The sensors ...

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Pierce Arrow Inc.