Industrial frequency inverters

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three-phase frequency inverter / digital display / single-phase / cabinet
three-phase frequency inverter
SK 500P

Power: 250 W - 5,500 W

... Version - Universal inverter, suitable for a wide range of drive applications - Compact design in book-size format for space-saving installation in control cabinets (IP20) - 2 basic versions as machine ...

three-phase frequency inverter / single-phase / wall-mounted / integrated
three-phase frequency inverter
SK 200E

Power: 250 W - 22,000 W

The SK 200E Nord has proven its quality and reliability through time which established a way to the new series of devices that can allow a broad range of decentralised drive technology solutions. The application of the product is very ...

three-phase frequency inverter / single-phase / AC / permanent magnet
three-phase frequency inverter
AGILE series

Power: 90 W - 11,000 W
Output frequency: 599 Hz

The Agile Series of inverters by Bonfiglioli sets new standards in technology for a broad range of users. Agile inverters are particularly suited for the food & beverage, textile, wood, packaging and ...

vector control frequency inverter / three-phase / single-phase / industrial
vector control frequency inverter
WJ200 Series

Power: 200 W - 15,000 W
Current: 2 A - 38 A
Output frequency: 0 Hz - 400 Hz

The Hitachi Industrial WJ200 Series range from 200-400VAC and single phase input to three phase output. The WJ200 frequency inverter comes with an integrated auto-tuning function for ...

vector control frequency inverter / three-phase / industrial / for pumps
vector control frequency inverter
SJ700 B Series

Power: 7,500 W - 160,000 W
Current: 16 A - 290 A
Output frequency: 0 Hz - 400 Hz

Hitachi Industrial SJ700B frequency inverter outperforms on performance, capabilities and functions of its predecessor the Hitachi L300P. The SJ700B Series comes with improved sensorless ...

vector control frequency inverter / digital / vertical / industrial
vector control frequency inverter
GA500 series

Power: 100 W - 30,000 W
Output frequency: 0 Hz - 590 Hz

More than 100 years of experience with driving electric motors has led Yaskawa to develop products which perfectly combine technical superiority with easy handling. The latest result of this evolution is the new GA500 microdrive. ...

digital frequency inverter / vertical / industrial / compact
digital frequency inverter
SMVector IP31

Power: 250 W - 45,000 W
Current: 1 A - 88 A

Inverter Drives SMV IP31 produces variable functions that are suitable in complex applications. It is a high performing inverter with a power range of 0.25 to 45 kW (1.1 to 88 A). The product is particularly ...

three-phase frequency inverter / AC / wall-mount / industrial
three-phase frequency inverter

... Furthermore the built-in PLC means true stand-alone capability. Through a unique algorithm we are able to accurately detect the fan or pump curve of the attached load and alarm when the load falls outside of adjustable ...

three-phase frequency inverter / AC / wall-mount / panel-mount
three-phase frequency inverter

Output frequency: 50 Hz - 60 Hz

... important parameters. Mitsubishi Electric's graphical user interfaces (GOT DRIVE) can also be easily connected to the frequency inverters of the FR-A800 series. The communication parameters for the HMI ...

single-phase frequency inverter / vertical-mount / industrial / IP20
single-phase frequency inverter
BFI E3 series

Power: 1.1, 7.5, 22 W

BFI E3 General purpose industrial inverters BFI E2 inverters offer general purpose drive facilities, dedicated to low power applications, combining innovative technology, reliability, ...

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Beijer Electronics
vector control frequency inverter / three-phase / digital / horizontal
vector control frequency inverter

Power: 4,000 W - 450,000 W
Current: 12 A - 835 A
Output frequency: 0 Hz - 2,000 Hz

... standards with motion-based, safe monitoring directly in the drive complete the machine concept. The protective measures previously implemented externally in the machine or plant are increasingly being ...

vector control frequency inverter / industrial / for the textile industry / conveyor
vector control frequency inverter

Power: 400 W - 110,000 W
Current: 3 A - 215 A
Output frequency: 400, 200 Hz

Goodrive20-EU series inverter is a mini general purpose vector control inverter, adopting international advanced vector control algorithm with excellent features. Goodrive20-EU supports wall mounting ...

high-voltage frequency converter / three-phase / floor-standing / for motors
high-voltage frequency converter

Power: 200,000 W - 10,000,000 W
Output frequency: 1 Hz - 600 Hz

FCMV3 high-voltage frequency converters The powerful and reliable converters are distinguished by top safety elements and, thanks to the modular composition, cover most customer applications. Attractive ...

three-phase frequency inverter / single-phase / AC / for asynchronous motors
three-phase frequency inverter
SLR01/02 series

Power: 400 W - 75,000 W

... AC input. These inverters can quickly capture and track the maximum power point according to the radiation intensity, and always maintain the maximum output power of the system in speed non-limited mode. Users are using ...

three-phase frequency converter / AC / digital / single-phase
three-phase frequency converter
CF series

Power: 1,200 W - 1,280,000 W
Output frequency: 50, 60, 75, 200, 400 Hz

The CF series of frequency converters offers the ultimate in terms of quality and reliability. LAYER ELECTRONICS recommends the CF series of frequency converters to all ...

digital frequency inverter / AC / DC / cabinet
digital frequency inverter
e@syDrive 4310

Power: 10 W
Current: 9 A
Output frequency: 4,000, 1,667 Hz

Inverter e@syDrive® 4310 (IP 00) Technical data Part No. 2001 2287 Input voltage max. 80 V / 8 A DC Output voltage max. 3 x 55 V Output current 7 A (max. 9 A) Rated output power 640 VA Output ...

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SycoTec GmbH & Co. KG
digital frequency inverter / AC / DC / cabinet
digital frequency inverter
easyDrive® 4625

Power: 60 W
Current: 15 A
Output frequency: 4,000 Hz

Inverter e@syDrive® 4625 Technical data Part No. 2002 1054 Input voltage max. 70 V DC / 49 V AC Output voltage 3 x 45 Veff Output current 10 Aeff / 15 Amax (5s) Rated output power 600 VA / 900 VAmax ...

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SycoTec GmbH & Co. KG
digital frequency inverter / AC / DC / cabinet
digital frequency inverter
e@syDrive® 4626

Power: 60 W
Current: 24 A
Output frequency: 4,000 Hz

Inverter e@syDrive® 4626 Technical data Part No. 2002 1055 Input voltage max. 70 V DC / 49 V AC Output voltage 3 x 45 Veff Output current 16 Aeff / 24 Amax (5s) Rated output power 1,000 VA / 1,500 ...

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SycoTec GmbH & Co. KG
high-performance frequency converter / AC / DC / cabinet
high-performance frequency converter
S120 series

Power: 550 W - 5,700,000 W

... S120 means increased machine performance in many industries, including packaging and printing machines, machines for the processing of plastics, textiles, paper and wood, cranes and hoisting gear, handling and assembly ...

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Siemens Safety Integrated
low-voltage frequency converter / AC / 3-phase / floor-standing
low-voltage frequency converter
LV3 Doubly Fed (DF)

Power: 1,500,000 W - 3,600,000 W

Ensure grid compliance and network quality for high availability and productivity GE Power Conversion's LV3 DF frequency converter for wind applications is characterized by a compact, modular design ...

regenerative frequency converter / three-phase / AC / single-phase
regenerative frequency converter
D1000 series

Power: 3,730 W - 559,500 W
Current: 15 A - 1,040 A

... Embedded Modbus RTU Communications Removable Terminal Block Multi-language LCD Display Communication options for all major industrial networks provides high speed control and monitoring, reducing installation cost DriveWizard ...

digital frequency inverter / wall-mount / industrial / for induction motors
digital frequency inverter

Power: 370 W - 11,000 W
Output frequency: 48 Hz - 500 Hz

Beijer Electronics E2 industrial inverters offer cost-effective, user-friendly industrial inverters for rugged, reliable control. The E2 range is available with IP20 ...

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Beijer Electronics, Inc.
digital frequency converter / vertical / industrial
digital frequency converter
UPC series

Power: 1,500 W - 5,000 W
Output frequency: 50 Hz - 400 Hz

... UPC series is composed of frequency converters developed by JOVYATLAS. They are available in the frequencies of 50.0, 60.0, 200.0, 380.0 and 400.0 Hz. The frequency transformers ...

vector control frequency inverter / single-phase / AC / synchronous
vector control frequency inverter

Power: 400 W - 1,500 W
Current: 3 A - 7 A
Output frequency: 50 Hz

... simple and high performance mini inverters, which support two kinds of vector control of V/F and open-loop vector, which can realize the control of open-loop torque.Simple operation, superior performance, low frequency ...

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Shenzhen TORRIVE Technology Limited
universal frequency inverter / three-phase / digital / single-phase
universal frequency inverter
GW350 series

Power: 370 W - 22,000 W
Output frequency: 50, 60 Hz

... Construction industry applications Industrial washing machine Applications in the general machinery industry

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Gw industry
digital frequency inverter / vertical / fan / industrial
digital frequency inverter

... drive of the suction fan is reduced thus far that the suction of the other machines is still guaranteed. A minimum drive is assigned to each machine and the lower limit to secure the pneumatic transport ...

digital frequency inverter / three-phase / single-phase / industrial
digital frequency inverter
ST130 series

Power: 1.5, 0.8, 0.4 W
Current: 7, 4, 3 A

... amplitude and frequency. The following three different power models are available: - The frequency inverter 0.4KW 230V ST130 with an output of 0.4 kW - The frequency ...

vector control frequency inverter / industrial / for hoists / universal
vector control frequency inverter

Power: 0.8 W - 1,650 W
Output frequency: 50, 60 Hz

Description The GEFRAN ADV200 HC inverter series offers in a unique technology solution all the basic requirements demanded by the most modern industrial hoisting systems. The specific features, the ...

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AC frequency inverter / industrial / compact / high-performance
AC frequency inverter
FC-100-F2 series

Current: 0, 1 A
Output frequency: 400, 50, 60 Hz

... new FC 100-F2 Series of compact, AC-AC frequency converters are designed for rugged industrial applications that require universal ac-input voltage and pure sine-wave output voltage. 100VA ...

induction frequency converter / heating / industrial / transformer
induction frequency converter

Power: 100,000 W - 2,000,000 W
Output frequency: 250, 500, 1, 3 Hz

... powerful medium frequency convertors, with a combination of advanced engineering, attention to detail and over 50 years’ of experience in world leading induction heating. The TC range of convertors offers a wide selection ...