Industrial heat exchangers

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plate-fin heat exchanger / gas/liquid / custom / industrial
plate-fin heat exchanger

The heat exchangers are of finned coil type composed of seamless tubes mechanically expanded onto fins with joined collars in order to insure an optimum heat transfer. The coils can ...

shell and tube heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / PFA / compact
shell and tube heat exchanger

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers are designed for external use and manufactured completely from Moldflon™-PFA, -ECTFE and- PVDF as well as from Moldflon™-PE or -PP. They are corrosion-free and resistant ...

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ElringKlinger Kunststofftechnik
gasketed plate heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / low-pressure / industrial
gasketed plate heat exchanger
VMG series

... and the operating conditions. gasketed heat exchangers Applications heating and district heating via different energy sources pool heating (also sea water) exchange and recycling of heat ...

shell and tube heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / steel / brass
shell and tube heat exchanger

... commercial and industrial applications where fluids must be quickly heated or cooled. DescriptionThe Armstrong Shell & Tube heat exchangers provide dependable, efficient heat ...

finned tube heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / gas/liquid / stainless steel
finned tube heat exchanger

Temperature: 200 °C
Power: 100,000 W

Heat exchangers air/ fluid available in different materials that adapt to various environments such as HVAC, industrial refrigeration, offshore and nuclear applications.

finned tube heat exchanger / gas/liquid / custom / industrial
finned tube heat exchanger

100% personalized heat exchangers and coolers. Compatible with oil, diesel, water/glycol.

shell and tube heat exchanger / sterile / industrial
shell and tube heat exchanger

Sterile Heat Exchangers HEX Sterile heat-exchangers are shell and tube heat exchangers designed for the pharma industry. Since pharma ...

finned tube heat exchanger / air/water / steel / industrial
finned tube heat exchanger

With applications in several industrial and drying processes, they are a vital component for a clean, fast and safe drying process. With a high level of precision, they are used, for instance, to dry coffee, soybean, ...

welded plate heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / gas/liquid / stainless steel
welded plate heat exchanger

Operating pressure: 30 bar
Temperature: -50 °C - 250 °C

... and frame heat exchanger is a new-concept type. It looks like gasket and frame plate heat exchanger, and integrates advantages of general plate heat ...

plate heat exchanger / air/air / stainless steel / aluminum
plate heat exchanger
PWT series

Temperature: 0 °C - 300 °C

The cross-flow plate heat exchangers (PWT) from Klingenburg are dimensionally stable and exceptionally impermeable and tough. Available in aluminium, epoxy-coated aluminium or stainless steel as required. Ideal ...

heat exchanger unit on skid / multi-tube / gas/gas / gas/liquid
heat exchanger unit on skid

Resistencias Tope designs and manufactures electric process heaters, skid packages, which can be engineered to meet our customers specific requirements including: electric heater process, flow measurement, flow control valves, thyrystore/contactor ...

tube-tube heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / stainless steel / industrial
tube-tube heat exchanger

... rates of the working fluids. Corrugated tubes are used in order to significantly enhance the rate of heat transfer and thus minimise the size of heat exchanger required. Materials of ...

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XLG Heat Transfer
shell and tube heat exchanger / gas/liquid / custom / industrial
shell and tube heat exchanger

... delivery that you need to keep your shell and tube exchanger project on track. Enerquip is the only shell and tube exchanger company that can deliver custom stainless exchangers in half ...

air/water heat exchanger / industrial
air/water heat exchanger
SK 3378.200 series

Power: 10 kW

Air/water heat exchanger in TS 8 baying system, useful cooling output 10 kW.

plate heat exchanger / air/water / rotary / screw compressor
plate heat exchanger

Temperature: 70 °C
Power: 5,500 W

... converts 100 % of the drawn electrical energy into heat. Up to 96 % of this energy can be recovered. The fully-enclosed design of modern rotary screw compressors makes them especially suitable for heat ...

finned tube heat exchanger / air/water / air/oil / aluminum
finned tube heat exchanger
A series

Power: 0.8 kW - 100 kW

Aluminium heat exchangers are used for cooling fluids in the hydraulic systems of all mobile equipment and agricultural machinery, and in fixed industrial plant and machinery. Wide range ...

aluminum heat exchanger / industrial / for farm machinery / for compressors
aluminum heat exchanger

... Recycling machinery - Road machines - Compressors - Generazione eolica - Wind energy generation - Loading and handling - Industrial systems and machining tools.

shell and tube heat exchanger / water/oil / stainless steel / aluminum
shell and tube heat exchanger
BAESNZ series

Operating pressure: 35, 16 bar
Temperature: 90 °C
Power: 0 W - 1,000,000 W

... metal-to-metal contact. The BAESNZ range of heat exchangers has a cooling surface of from 0.43m² to 56m². The BAESNZ series is constructed of 43 basic units. » Aluminium fins ensure large degree of ...

shell and tube heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / compact / corrosion-resistant
shell and tube heat exchanger
BAMNZ series

Power: 0 W - 2,000,000 W

Series of compact heat exchangers with a fixed tube bundle, which has been standardized into logically grouped models with a heat-exchange surface of 0.43 to 95 m². The models comprise ...

brazed plate heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / compact / high-performance
brazed plate heat exchanger
SPB, SPBT series

The compact brazed plate heat exchanger (BPHE) is constructed as a plate package of corrugated channel plates with a filler material between each plate. During the vacuum-brazing process the filler material ...

industrial heat exchanger unit
industrial heat exchanger unit

... accommodate the heat exchange medium (oil, water, air, etc.). AViTEQ heat exchangers are employed in practically every industry (chemical, food, plastics, pharmaceutical, ...

finned tube heat exchanger / air/water / aluminum / compact
finned tube heat exchanger

... integrally finned tube offers a longer life than other types of finned tubes with no possibility of the fins loosening, no loss of heat transfer and no corrosion at the fin to tube interface promoting longer operating ...

industrial heat exchanger
industrial heat exchanger

Temperature: -33 °C - 60 °C
Power: 77 W

The RHEX-9790 heat exchanger provides excellent thermal performance with optimized control and low maintenance. •Supply nominal voltage -48 VDC •power consumption 77W •Current (max.) 1.6A •Operating ...