chamber furnace / infrared
chamber furnace

Maximum temperature: 800 °C - 1,000 °C

... Working temperature: 800°C 4500W Height: 510 mm Diameter: 420 mm 3 electrical furnaces enclosed in a same device (2 furnaces on both extremities and 1 central furnace with 7 ...

soldering oven / chamber / infrared / compact
soldering oven
MiniOven 05

The new MiniOven 05 is a compact and versatile IR reflow oven suitable for a wide range of SMD components. The device provides enhanced functionalities like integrated air circulation, nitrogen support, ...

drying furnace / chamber / infrared / microwave
drying furnace
SAM 255

The SAM-255 now with IntelliTemp Infrared temperature control provides rapid drying of all types of samples. The SAM-255 Workstation can analyze large-sized samples for moisture or solids. Intellitemp provides consistent ...

conveyor furnace / infrared
conveyor furnace
TCM series

The in-line Thermal Cure Module (TCM) ovens from Nordson ASYMTEK are ideal for medium to high-volume production. They are easy to integrate with conformal coating systems and are equipped with a unique downdraft design.

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oxidation furnace / conveyor / infrared / pressure
oxidation furnace
+800 °C ... +1 000 °C | Meridian™

Maximum temperature: 800 °C - 1,000 °C

... cannot keep pace with the cost pressure facing PV manufacturers today. BTU's solution is the Meridian™ In-Line Diffusion Furnace. The system can be configured to process up to 1,500 wafers per hour providing uniform ...

annealing furnace / tubular / infrared / high-temperature
annealing furnace
RHL-E series

Maximum temperature: 40 °C - 130 °C

INFRARED GOLD IMAGE FURNACE RHL-E SERIES Infrared Gold Image Furnace / RTA System Meeting the needs of our customers with infrared lamp heating Infrared ...

industrial oven / annealing / drying / curing
industrial oven
EO Series

... processing tests at higher temperatures Envisys has the oven to meet your needs Whether it is a standard conventional drying application using shelves or conveyor drying or drying through infrared bulbs ...

heating oven / infrared
heating oven

Maximum temperature: 0 °C - 900 °C

The MAX ovens combine infrared radiation with convection and optimal reflection. Only quartz glass materials including QRC® nano-reflectors are used inside the oven. From simulation to solution The ...

drying oven / tempering / chamber / infrared
drying oven

ZYHC automatic control far-infrared electrode oven/electrode oven