Isolation transformers

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isolation transformer / encapsulated / laminated / signal
isolation transformer
590 series

Primary voltage: 240, 120 V
Secondary voltage: 18 V - 24 V

... Class 2 Signaling Transformers are easy to install, low voltage power sources for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. Mounts in a standard 1/2" (13mm) knockout or surface mounts using the provided foot mounts. ...

isolation transformer / cast resin / test
isolation transformer
VTM 15000

Secondary voltage: 10 kV - 15 kV

The VTM 15000 is used for isolation testing with 1.2/50μs voltage impulses.The VTM 15000 runs together with a combination wave generator such as AXOS5 / AXOS8 Surge Immunity Test System or PSURGE 8000 & PIM 100. The ...

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Haefely Test AG / Hipotronics INC
isolation transformer / dry / laminated / quick-connect
isolation transformer
TR 22 series

Electric power: 0.01 kVA - 31.5 kVA

The TR 22 POWER Transformers is a power isolating transformer in a single phase type of device ideally designed for voltage change with galvanic isolation and line disturbances attenuation. ...

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isolation transformer / encapsulated / through-hole / SCR
isolation transformer

... configurations Designed to transfer high amplitude or long duration pulses without saturation Designed for low-cost trigger source isolation in half and full wave SCR power control circuits, including motor speed controls, ...

isolation transformer / cast resin / two-winding / single-phase
isolation transformer
GMTE series

... oThree-phase transformers: 40 kVA Isolating transformers must be marked with the symbol to distinguish them from transformers for other applications. Single-Phase Isolating Transformers ...

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isolation transformer / cast resin / two-winding / floor-standing
isolation transformer
TIS series

... of single phase insulation transformers, as a protection for operating, monitoring, intensive care and anaesthesia rooms. The use of such transformers limits the earth currents and ensures ...

isolation transformer / encapsulated / vacuum impregnation / epoxy resin
isolation transformer

Current: 208 mA - 1,667 mA
Primary voltage: 230, 220, 110 V
Secondary voltage: 7.6 V - 28.7 V

Characteristics:1.Vacuum encapsulated,100℃/six hours high temperature aging,service life 20 years ,high dielectric strength. 2.High quality silicon steel sheet,Low temperature rise,High efficiency. 3.PBT project plastic, environmental ...

isolation transformer / encapsulated / closed / wall-mount
isolation transformer

Electric power: 0.01 kVA
Secondary voltage: 4, 8, 12 V

10VA transformer for continuous service, outputs 4-8-12V 2 DIN Power supply 230V a.c. – 50Hz Outputs 4-8-12V Installation on terminal board IP20 Wall-mounted IP30 Installation on the rear of the switchboard IP40 Dimensions ...

isolation transformer / dry / three-phase / for electrical networks
isolation transformer

Current: 416 A
Primary voltage: 480 V
Secondary voltage: 208 V

... you identify potential overload conditions before you add new servers. Reduce operating costs with NEMA-rated, TP-1 isolation transformers. Status available to customers both in the data center and remotely Enables ...

isolation transformer / dry / floor-standing / single-phase
isolation transformer

Primary voltage: 40 kV - 110 kV
Secondary voltage: 0 kV - 16 kV

... manufacturing isolation transformers. The isolation transformers are designed and manufactured with the same quality standards as our distribution transformers. KEY ...

isolation transformer / cast resin / closed / DIN rail mount
isolation transformer
KFD0 SCS Ex1.55 series

Current: 4 mA - 20 mA
Electric power: 0 W - 0.675 W
Primary voltage: 20 V - 30 V

Service indended: Supply unit with intrinsically safe circuit class [Ex ib] IIC for tansmitters, Position monitors and I/P converter for hazardous areas.

isolation transformer / dry / closed / short circuit-proof
isolation transformer
MPAS 120/230-4K

Current: 0 A - 20 A
Electric power: 4 W
Primary voltage: 90 V - 225 V

... Switching Transformer is used to galvanically isolate the yacht's power system from shore power systems. This device uses high frequency electronic switching technology to efficiently transfer power though a compact and ...

single-phase transformer / power / isolation / cast resin
single-phase transformer

Electric power: 0 W - 500,000 W

Designed basically for the maneuver suppliment of electric charts, safety, isolation, rectifiers or power supplies.

isolation transformer / dry / compact / low-loss
isolation transformer
T60403-Fxxx series

Electric power: 0 kVA
Primary voltage: 0 V
Secondary voltage: 0 V

DRIVE TRANSFORMERS FOR IGBT - INSULATION VOLTAGE 600 Vrms TO 2000 Vrms In recent years, power electronics have had a decisive influence on the technology of electrical energy generation, distribution ...

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Vacuumschmelze GmbH & Co. KG
isolation transformer / cast resin / laminated / floor-standing
isolation transformer
TVM series

Electric power: 0.03 kVA - 5 kVA

TECHNICAL FEATURES Insulation thermic class B Frequency 50/60Hz Open type. Protection index IP00 Magnetic core realized with low losses lamination Insulation voltage between primary and secondary ...

power transformer / isolation / cast resin / toroidal
power transformer

Current: 0.4 A - 83.3 A
Primary voltage: 100 V - 240 V

Toroidal Power Transformers 50/60HZ, 5-15,000V Power Transformers (Europe ER series) 60 Hz 120V Power Transformers (U.S. FR series) 400Hz 115-230V Power transformer (Military ...

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API Technologies - Spectrum Control
isolation transformer / dry / auxiliary / compact
isolation transformer

Electric power: 50, 10, 25, 5 kVA
Primary voltage: 400 V
Secondary voltage: 400 V

... We have successfully developed specialized transformers used by Turkish railways up to 25 KV class in their various applications, such as: - Auxiliary transformer of 5/10/25 & 50 KVA. - Booster transformers ...

isolation transformer / encapsulated / K-factor / floor-standing
isolation transformer
TPNS01533 series

Electric power: 15 kVA - 150 kVA
Primary voltage: 480 V
Secondary voltage: 208, 120 V

Group B - Non-Linear Load Isolation Transformers K Factor 13, 150° C Rise 480 Delta Primary Volts - 208Y/120 Secondary Volts - 3Ø, 60Hz

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Acme Electric
isolation transformer / dry / SF6 gas-insulated / single-phase
isolation transformer

Primary voltage: 27.5, 35, 110, 150 kV

Single-phase sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) voltage transformer NOG(E)-27,5/35/110/150 - intended for use as a working standard for verification of voltage transformers, which are operated in installations ...

isolation transformer / cast resin / portable / plug-in
isolation transformer
TTGN series

Electric power: 0.05, 0.1, 0.2 kVA
Primary voltage: 230, 120 V
Secondary voltage: 110, 230 V

Isolating transformers, according to the VDE and EN instructions. Type TTGN 2 is a plug-in unit which is plugged directly into the 230 V main socket. Types TTGN 20 mounted in a steel-case with a handgrip. Types ...

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isolation transformer / cast resin / portable / plug-in
isolation transformer

Current: 0.44 A - 16 A
Electric power: 0.1 kVA - 3.7 kVA
Primary voltage: 230 V

Isolating transformers according to EN 61558-2-4, double insulated, in a solid portable metal enclosure (metal-clad transformer of protection class II). Conditionally short-cicuit-proff due to a built-in ...

distribution transformer / isolation / cast resin / oil-filled
distribution transformer

Electric power: 315 kVA - 4,000 kVA

... Eco Design Directive for transformers. Typical applications • Step down distribution transformers • Step up generation transformers • Wind farm transformers • ...

isolation transformer / encapsulated / three-winding / pole-mounted
isolation transformer
IT series

Current: 8.7 A - 74 A
Electric power: 6 kVA - 50 kVA

... low output impedance and are unaffected by load power factor. To ensure an excellent galvanic insulation and high common mode attenuation, the transformers are equipped with electrostatic shield and ...

current transformer / isolation / encapsulated / closed
current transformer

Electric power: 0.005 kVA - 0.03 kVA
Primary voltage: 5 V - 3,200 V

The LV current transformer series manufactured by ENTES, is a set of models that are specially made to transform primary currents by a ratio to its secondary side with 0 degree phase difference. The network's HV side ...

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ENTES Elektronik Cihazlar İmalat ve Ticaret A.Ş.
isolation transformer / encapsulated / for printed circuit boards / for switching power supplies
isolation transformer
J910 series

Current: 1 A - 42 A
Electric power: 0.125 kVA - 5 kVA
Primary voltage: 264, 240, 132, 120 V

Daito Electronʼ s Ultra Isolation Transformer J910 series protect sensitive electronic equipment against electrical noise disturbances. These disturbances, from such sources as lightning, utility network ...