Line-interactive UPS

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line-interactive UPS
line-interactive UPS
SPU series

Power: 360 W - 480 W

Green topology, saving 50% energy than others at AC mode Built-in super smart charger , 90% fully charged in 4 hours Charging ability at low input voltage, 2 times more powerful than others Excellent microprocessor control guarantees ...

line-interactive UPS
line-interactive UPS
K-JEN series

Output power kVA: 1,000 kVA - 1,500 kVA

... blackouts when there is mains. Its high capacity charger board which makes higher back up needs available is an edge in line interactive ups designs globally. It is the secret behind ...

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line-interactive UPS
line-interactive UPS
S3K series

Power: 480, 750, 1,200 W
Output power kVA: 0.7, 1, 1.44 kVA

... sinewave output, line interactive UPS in a mini-tower for cabinet installations. State of the art line interactive technology protects against most ...

line-interactive UPS
line-interactive UPS

Power: 600 W
Input voltage: 120 V
Output voltage: 120 V

APC Smart-UPS with SmartConnect Remote Monitoring,Pure Sine Wave Backup & Surge Protection(SMC1000C) Intelligent and efficient network power protection from entry level to scaleable runtime. Ideal UPS ...