Liquid separators

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water separator / condensate / gas / self-cleaning
water separator

It is used to avoid damages that the present air in the installation could give to the system such as corrosion, cavitation and noise.

gravity separator / water / for solids / vertical
gravity separator

It is used to eliminate sediments and dirt in water coming from systems as well as corrosion, blockage and malfunctions.

air separator / water
air separator
Dirt and Air Coupled

cyclone separator / condensate / gas / for air compressors
cyclone separator
RF-C 0050 – 1100

Flow rate: 0.83 m³/min - 18.33 m³/min

Cyclone separator RF-C 0050 – 1100 The compact cyclone separators RF-C are the economical choice for easy and reliable separation of larger quantities of condensate ...

water separator / blow-off / easy cleaning
water separator
HWA 600

Width: 340 mm

... channel blower (SKV), a mixture of water and air is sucked in by negative pressure. Here the professional water extractor (HWA) of HEYLO is employed. It cleans the contaminated air drawn in so that no ...

3-phase separator / oil / water / condensate
3-phase separator
ES2000 series

Width: 250 mm - 1,000 mm
Flow rate: 1,093 ft³/min

... enters the ES2000 Series oil/water separator under pressure, and is allowed to expand in the specially designed centrifugal inlet chamber. During a six stage process, the water and oil are separated, ...

sludge separator / dry
sludge separator
EcoDry X

... result: efficient, reliable production as well as simple plant maintenance. This cost-effective system does not require water or chemicals. In contrast to wet separation, this eliminates paint sludge disposal. With ...

water separator / waste / sand
water separator

Waste Water Equipment > LSF-Type Sporal Sand Water Separator

flow separator / liquid / process
flow separator
2200 series

The CHEM Flowtronics series 2200 Separator is a unique design for inline separations in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing. The 2200 series allows for moderate flows to enter the inlet of the unit, pass through ...

centrifugal separator / liquid
centrifugal separator

The clarifying centrifugal separator is used for separating solids out of a liquid. The separator is equipped with a stack of conical disks for creating a large equivalent clarification ...

sludge separator / gas
sludge separator

The Mathena™ high-volume mud-gas separator features effective surface control of the drilling fluid and gas circulated from a well. Overview The Mathena™ high-volume mud-gas separator vents the ...

drum separator / oil / water / emulsion
drum separator

Width: 352 mm

A test specimen consisting of a 40-mL sample and a 40-mL quantity of distilled water are stirred for 5 min in a graduated cylinder at 54℃ or 82℃, depending upon the viscosity of the test specimen or sample specification. ...

oil separator / water / condensate / process
oil separator
WOS series

Width: 650, 780, 970 mm
Flow rate: 10, 20, 30 m³/min

WOS Series Process Condensate Separators are used to separate oils and other impurities from the water in the condensate lines. WOS separators efficiently separate oil through a multi-stage ...

drum separator / water / oil
drum separator

... there`s no oil container to deal with, because all the oil is retained in the filters. It`s easy to select the right SEPURA separator; it`s quick and follproof to install; clean and simple to service, and we believe in ...

air separator / water / sludge
air separator
R146D series

Flow rate: 10.5 m³/h - 95 m³/h

coalescing separator / oil / water / for wastewater treatment
coalescing separator

Flow rate: 0.6 l/s - 30 l/s

Description: Separators of light liquids for coalescence with removable filter and automatic lock suitable for the treatment of wash water to surfaces covered and/or discovery ...

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cyclone separator / liquid / particle / metal
cyclone separator
FA 7

For separating liquids and objects. The Nederman FA7 unit separates liquids and objects to prevent them from going into a stationary piping system. The FA7 pre-separator is idealic in ...

condensate separator
condensate separator

Condensed material separator used to condensate spent steam in drying and crystallization processes, preserving health and environment. Modular, non-corrosive, effective and expandable.

air separator / oil / compact
air separator

Lightweight and compact drain separator. Compatible compressor is 0.75kW to 37kW.[Port size] Rc1/4 to 1

vacuum separator / water / for solids / for fish
vacuum separator
KOS5, KOS20, KOS23, SP21

Vacuum systems to imbibe pinbones and water from the Easy-Matic pinbone removers, so that the pinbones are not mixed into the further process. KOS5 is ideal with the Em54 Pinbone machine KOS20 - stand alone is build ...

water separator / for the food industry
water separator

... The separators are used in floor drains to separate impurities and to prevent pollution of the sewage system and to facilitate cleaning. Water seal is provided by the special design of the floor drain ...

waste separator / water
waste separator

Application Waste pulper serve to separate a pumpable medium from organic waste and water. The waste is pulped and dissolved in the waste pulper. By means of a hwavy materials dirt trap the rejected materials are separated from the accepted ...

cyclone separator / liquid / particle / vacuum
cyclone separator

Width: 4 mm

... nuclear microporous filters for separating micro particles according to their size, ultra-thin cleaning of fluids and gases, liquid sterilization etc. Engineering and Technology The UOP600 is designed ...

sludge separator / for water treatment
sludge separator

Width: 1,350, 1,480 mm

The water treatment process is based on the chemical principle of flocculation, ie the progressive enlargement of the particles present in a solution up to separation, in the presence of a specific reagent (flocculant ...

centrifugal separator / sludge / oil mist / dry
centrifugal separator

... results in efficient and reliable production as well as simple plant maintenance. The cost-effective system does not require water or chemicals. In contrast to wet separation, this eliminates paint sludge disposal. With ...

centrifugal separator / liquid / gas / vertical
centrifugal separator
ZSA series

Filtration size: 3 µm - 20 µm
Flow rate: 300 m³/h - 1,000 m³/h

The air stream enters the separator tangentially at the top, creating a rotating airflow (vortex). By centrifugal force the dust or liquid particles are moved along the outside wall where they are separated ...

particle separator / water
particle separator

... sand and rough particle granules in water. Thanks to their special designs, separation of sand and particles heavier than water is ensured thereby rotating around fluid internal sturcture. Separated sand and particles ...

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