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chain conveyor / for pallets / accumulation / horizontal
chain conveyor

... accumulation and uses minimum floor space. Uses triple-strand chain to move pallet on both the top and bottom parts of the conveyor. Pallets accumulate underneath on a return chain, awaiting the next batch of parts. Simplistic ...

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belt conveyor / for the food industry / dough / cooling
belt conveyor

... application. Transport from A to B or from advanced, dynamic buffer systems for product cooling in combination with linear loading or lift loading.

belt conveyor / for the food industry / food / inclined
belt conveyor

A special feature of BS is flexibility in the design and realization of appropriate machines for particular processes, ready to meet with the needs of the customer, while also offering specific technical and technological assistance.

screw conveyor / horizontal / inclined / vertical
screw conveyor

... materials. Screw conveyors also offer the option of multiple inlets and outlets. Various versions handle not only the transport of bulk materials but also emptying, metering, loading, screening and mixing. → ...

belt conveyor / for the food industry / food / stainless steel
belt conveyor

Maximum load: 18.2 kg

The auxiliary in-feed conveyor can transport cheese blocks from the upstream process to the cutting machine. Loading of 18,20 kg blocks Sanitary stainless steel casters and forks with USDA-approved ...

belt conveyor / for the food industry / food / horizontal
belt conveyor

The dog-leg conveyor can be used as an exit conveyor from the shredder or dicer to the tumble drum. The horizontal flat-top in-loading zone with specially-designed hopper maximizes product ...

chain conveyor / pallet / overhead / floor-mounted
chain conveyor

... Accumulating Pallet Conveyor is a configurable machine based on: Simplicity that makes the conveyor composition faster (for standard application) Commonality for carry over. They do not change ...

roller conveyor / horizontal / vertical / loading
roller conveyor

Maximum load: 3 kg

Loading roller table with vertical rollers Available in 3 and 4,2 meters versions Standard accessories: Loading capacity Kg. 3 per meter Plastic rollers Carton packing

roller conveyor / horizontal / unloading / loading
roller conveyor
400 series

Maximum load: 10, 20 kg

Loading roller table Available in 3 and 4,2 meters versions Standard accessories: Loading capacity Kg. 10/20 per meter Reinforced plastic rollers Vertical support with anti-friction material

roller conveyor / horizontal / tubular / for circular saws
roller conveyor

INFEED ROLLER CONVEYOR Structure in steel tubular con adjustable feet and PVC-coated steel rollers. 3,500 mm-long roller conveyors with 240 mm rollers, or 4,000 mm-long with 440 mm rollers. Unloading ...

handling conveyor / manual / loading
handling conveyor

Trailer loading conveyors Trailer loading conveyors are designed for continuous loading of light (up to 30kg) loads. The machine is manually ...

chain conveyor / automatic / monorail / power and free
chain conveyor

Automatic through conveyor iLoad is an automatic system for loading and unloading workpieces on an overhead conveyor. iLoad Is a kit comprised of a series of carriages with motorised ...

belt conveyor / meat / Z type / mobile
belt conveyor

Transport belt - stationary or movable version - allows a very gentle loading, for example for poultry or bellies - continual loading of tumblers without having to move any norm wagons - perfect in connection ...

belt conveyor / for bulk materials / horizontal / loading
belt conveyor

... solutions that have as main application the loading, unloading and storing of bulk products such as: ores, coal, sand, stone, etc. For this kind of applications we offer a wide range of equipment such as: - conveyor ...