Low-noise fans

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centrifugal fan / ventilation / low-noise / IP44
centrifugal fan
ABF series

Air flow: 80 m³/h - 1,270 m³/h

Application Due to their low noise level ABF fans are designed for ventilation of public buildings, offices, restaurants, warehouses, sound studios etc. Construction The fan ...

axial fan / ventilation / low-noise / polypropylene
axial fan
AF Series

Air flow: 0 m³/h - 150,000 m³/h

... The “AF” series is a versatile and reliable fan with characteristics that make it one of Comet Fans most successful products, suitable for many ventilation applications. The Comet Fans ...

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comet fans
centrifugal fan / exhaust / high-pressure / low-noise
centrifugal fan

Air flow: 2,400 m³/h - 180,000 m³/h

SR N8 High pressures centrifugal fans, capacity from 2.400 to 180.000 m3/h, driven through semi-elastic joint, reverse blades Centrifugal fans suitable for clean or high dust content air in pneumatic ...

radial fan / low-noise / high-pressure / industrial
radial fan
WW series

Air flow: 180 m³/h - 600 m³/h

Application The high-pressure blowers are used for conveying the air in conditions where is required high pressure or underpressure. Blowers can be applied in industrial vacuum cleaners, filtering units of high underpressure, in aeration ...

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centrifugal fan / low-pressure / low-noise / compact
centrifugal fan
VRK series

Air flow: 3,500 m³/h - 55,000 m³/h

... 25% saved power input compared to squirrel cage impellers. Fans in the VRK series are generally used at pressures of up to 2000 Pa, and achieve volumetric flows of up to 100 000 m³/h. These fans too are ...

centrifugal fan / exhaust / ventilation / compact
centrifugal fan
350 ℃,635025~1305751 m³/h

Air flow: 635,025 m³/h - 1,305,751 m³/h

... of experience in manufacturing high temperature fan. This series of high temperature fans feature with high efficient efficiency low noise, reasonable structure, ...

floor-standing fan / axial / ventilation / low-speed
floor-standing fan
450 lbs | AirGo®

... an 8-ft. (2.4m) diameter and 360-degree angle adjustment capabilities, AirGo® is our biggest, most versatile vertical floor fan. Its compact design and durable construction make it an ideal air movement solution in the ...

centrifugal fan / low-noise / outdoor
centrifugal fan

... hood is made of solid galvanized plates and is insulated against noise. It can be installed indoors or outdoors. Using this soundproofing hood it is possible to reduce the hum of the fan by about 15 decibels. ...

tangential fan / for electrical cabinets / cooling / low-noise
tangential fan
SK 3144.000 series

Air flow: 320 m³/h

2 U tangential fan with up to 320 m3/h air throughput. The minimal noise generation of 52 dB makes it suitable for use in office environments.

roof-mounted fan / axial / cooling / low-noise
roof-mounted fan
SK 3164.115 series

Air flow: 1,500 m³/h

Roof-mounted fan for the office sector with exceptionally low noise level (40 dB) and high volumetric flow (unimpeded air flow 1500 m3/h).

DC fan / for PC / axial / cooling
DC fan
ASFN series

Air flow: 0.08 m³/min - 3.07 m³/min

... Different rotation speeds per model Fan blockage protection Reverse polarity, overvoltage protection Frame: plastic Long lifetime Quiet operation Optionally available with lock sensor output (alarm in case fan ...

AC fan / for PC / axial / cooling
AC fan
ASEN series

Air flow: 0.2 m³/min - 6 m³/min

Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 30mm 80 x 80 x 25mm 80 x 80 x 38mm 92 x 92 x 25mm 120 x120 x25mm 120 x120 x38mm 150 x 172 x38mm Rated operating voltages: 100V, 115V, 200V, 220V, 230V, 240V AC Universal 50 / 60Hz applications Three ...

axial fan / cooling / low-noise / flat
axial fan

Air flow: 11.32 l/min - 122,742.65 l/min

These powerful, low-noise fans come with excellent energy efficient ratings and are particularly suitable for industrial applications and electronic components where high volumetric air ...

ceiling-mounted fan / axial / low-noise / low-speed
ceiling-mounted fan

Air flow: 100,000 m³/h - 490,000 m³/h

Both I220 & I340 axial fans are designed to turn at low speed and to be used in any place where there is high air volume need without the creation of disturbing air-stream that could ...

recirculation fan / ceiling-mounted / axial / low-noise
recirculation fan
Ecofan W

Air flow: 4,000 m³/h - 14,000 m³/h

... with speed controlled low noise EC-motor. Advantages: • The highest efficiency in case of speed control • Up to 50% energy saving in case of partial load • Almost completely linearly adjustable • ...

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