Magnetic separators

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air separator / magnetic drum / particle / chip
air separator
SE series

... lightweight contaminations. The sifting unit consists of a VC Vibration Conveyor, a permanent magnet drum, a HPS Heavy Particle Separator and an air expansion box with integrated rotary valve, mounted at the supporting ...

high-gradient magnetic separator / sludge / for ore / vertical
high-gradient magnetic separator
DLS Series

Filtration size: 20 µm - 400 µm
Flow rate: 0.5 m³/h - 450 m³/h

... Series high gradient magnetic separator is a new product developed independently by Dalishen. It combines the characteristics of international advanced high intensity magnetic separators, ...

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Yueyang Dalishen Electromagnetic Machinery Co., Ltd.
magnetic drum separator / electro-magnetic / particle / metal
magnetic drum separator

Using our sophisticated design software and unique magnetic circuits, Eriez provides permanent and electromagnetic scrap drums with deeper magnetic fields to reclaim ferrous materials ...

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permanent magnet separator / overband / quartz sand / for solids
permanent magnet separator

... meal, etc., permanent magnetic overband magnets are used with very great success. Design The system comprises a permanent magnetic overband magnet and, in the case ...

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ThyssenKrupp Magnettechnik
overband separator / permanent magnet / metal / for the recycling industry
overband separator
BM 28 series

... such as shredders. A growing application area is the recycling industry often in combination with Eddy Current non-ferrous metal separators. Bakker Magnetics overbelt magnet systems are ...

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air separator / magnetic / flow / metal
air separator

... available for customised solutions: Multi Functional Separator SP-MF Suction of BLENDOMAT BO-A Heavy part separation Metal separation Dust removal/air separation Waste feeding Metal Separator ...

magnetic separator
magnetic separator

A simple and fully automatically controlled process Featured with one or two TSV® dynamic classifiers and one variable speed ball mill or Horomill®, the whole process is entirely automated and controlled remotely, in ...

magnetic separator / metal
magnetic separator

The DM Series Drawer Magnets provide collection of ferrous metals with a rugged metal chamber which is typically match drilled and bolted directly to processing machine throat. Efficient Removal of Ferrous Metal Low Profile Design… ...

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Novatec, Inc.
magnetic roller separator / metal
magnetic roller separator

Width: 10 in - 62 in

... the pulley, ferrous metal objects are attracted by the magnetic field and held tightly as the belt travels around the pulley are not released until they leave the influence of the magnet. Non-magnetic ...

magnetic separator / metal
magnetic separator

Suitable for use inside hoppers, receivers or containers. Powerful magnets come into contact with the granule flow capturing any tiny metal components present. STS star series are suitable for installation inside the hoppers. STC ...

magnetic separator / cereal
magnetic separator
SBFB 75 / 110

Width: 800 mm
Flow rate: 6 m³/min

The SBFB IncliTec Bran Finisher is the first in a new series of machines designed to bring the benefits of the latest SATAKE IncliTec technology to the milling industry. The SBFB effectively cleans the bran, recovering flour which would ...

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Satake ESM
magnetic drum separator / particle
magnetic drum separator

Width: 1,771 mm - 4,818 mm
Flow rate: 125, 150 m³/h

Cooperation with the industry has led to some unique features and an outstanding performance for our magnetic separators.

magnetic drum separator / metal / for the recycling industry
magnetic drum separator

The conveyor with magnetic head drum (TMT) is particularly easy to handle and requires absolutely minimal maintenance. It is ideal for use in the separation of magnetisable ferrous metal parts from pre-shredded recyclables ...

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magnetic roller separator / particle / for ore
magnetic roller separator

Width: 12 in

... and grade of values in the product. For these applications, Walker Magnetics offers Electromagnetic Pulleys rather than the permanent magnets described above. In addition, Electromagnetic ...

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magnetic separator / drum / oil / liquid
magnetic separator

Flow rate: 5 us gal/min - 315 us gal/min

The Electromagnetic Drum Separator, developed by PRAB, is mainly utilized as a pre-filter to limit contaminants reaching subsequent filtration equipment. It functions to eliminates ferrous and non-ferrous ...

magnetic grate separator / liquid / for the recycling industry
magnetic grate separator
TM series

Flow rate: 30 l/min - 200 l/min

Magnetic Separators in different Sizes TM 120 30 - 50 l/min in oil TM 200 80 l/min in oil TM 300 120 l/min in oil TM 400 200 l/min in oil

eddy current separator
eddy current separator

... Battery Separator is designed for use in multi-battery applications as a solenoid priority system to protect the chassis charging system from excessive loading while allowing auxiliary batteries to be charged. 1318 Battery ...

ECS separator / eddy current / metal / for in-line monitoring
ECS separator

... combination of a powerful rotor and compact design optimizes the eddy current forces, separation efficiency and product throw. option: How it works Eddy Current separation combines the use of a magnetic ...

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magnetic plate separator / permanent magnet / metal / for the recycling industry
magnetic plate separator
PM series

Width: 200 mm - 800 mm

... trough type conveyors. Large permanent magnetic packs generate deep penetrating magnetic flux fields that attract and remove ‘tramp’ type steel items. This unit is considerably less expensive than electromagnetic units ...

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eddy current separator
eddy current separator
MBR series

The MBR battery separators are microprocessor controlled. They first charge the main battery, from a charger or an alternator, then the other batteries by connecting them in parallel. Features and performances •Insignificant ...

eddy current separator / metal / rubber / plastic
eddy current separator
SMNF Series

... plants, and they come in different sizes: Medium-large separator: working with material size from 15-20 mm. up. Medium separator: working with material size from 5-8 mm. up. Medium-small separator: ...

magnetic tube separator / for bulk materials
magnetic tube separator
CPM series

... ] A tubular separator incorporating a powerful columnar permanent magnet. When this separator is installed in a system to flow such nonmagnetic substances as powder and bulk materials, mixed iron pieces, ...

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magnetic tube separator
magnetic tube separator

... permanentmagnetic high intensity separators are used for cleaning of material from impurities as well as for concentration and accumulation processes for minerals. They are best used to separate fine particles which have ...

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IFE Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH
magnetic grate separator / for solids / for the food industry / self-cleaning
magnetic grate separator
S-PCPS series

Product Description: Program Controlled Pneumatic Magnetic Separator, also named Self Cleaning Magnetic Grate Separator, is designed for continuously production line ...

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eddy current separator / particle / quartz sand / for the chemical industry
eddy current separator

The target of the countercurrent sifter is the reduction of the dust content in chemically bonded foundry sand. Sand attrition units remove the organic binder surface at means by friction from the sand grain. This organic „binder dust“ ...