multifunction drilling rig / rotary / hydraulic
multifunction drilling rig
HTM 2500

Drilling diameter: 3,004 mm
Drilling depth: 980 m - 3,000 m

... The HTM line of surface drill rigs are all manufactured and tested in Val-d’Or, Canada and used by the best drilling companies worldwide. Offering unprecedented performance and reliability, ...

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Usinage Marcotte inc.
multifunction drilling rig / piling / crawler / rotary
multifunction drilling rig

Drilling depth: 25, 22 m

... multifunctional foundation rigs. The F2500 is used for a variety of drilling and pile-driving methods such as soil displacement drilling, CFA drilling, cast-in-situ and ...

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IHC Fundex Equipment B.V.
horizontal directional drilling rig / crawler / rotary / diesel engine
horizontal directional drilling rig

Drilling diameter: 6 cm

The economical D6x6 NAVIGATOR® puts 550 ft-lb/746 Nm of rotary torque and 5,500 lbs/24 kN of thrust/pullback into a compact unit that is surprisingly lightweight and easy to tow. It’s ideal for curb-to-the-home underground ...

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Vermeer Manufacturing
horizontal drilling rig / wheel-mounted / rotary
horizontal drilling rig
CFL series

The MONTABERT CFL 61 & 67 wagon drills can be hand-operated by a single and enables holes to be drilled quickly and at any angle: Vertical holes in stopes or quarry heads Horizontal lifter holes Trench blasting ...

horizontal directional drilling rig / crawler / rotary / hydraulic
horizontal directional drilling rig

Drilling diameter: 64 mm

... McCloskey D Series Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs set a new standard in HDD with the most torque and horsepower and the smallest footprint in their class. With an advanced electric hydraulic system ...

multifunction drilling rig / truck-mounted / rotary / hydraulic
multifunction drilling rig

Drilling diameter: 0 m
Drilling depth: 0 m - 5.2 m

Major Systems Engine start and stop system (energy conservation type), variable pole intruding water tank & electric pump (100 liters), hydraulic pressure source, work lamp, 3-stage wire guard Special Specifications Multi-action lever, ...

deep drilling rig / fixed / rotary / hydraulic
deep drilling rig

... and easy-to-operate rig in the world. The safe, efficient opération keeps your 2-3 man crew out of Danger Zones! Only ten loads for the rig, power packs, Drilier's Cabin and Pipe Handler makes for fast mobility, ...

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Astec Loudon
blasthole drilling rig / self-propelled / rotary / for underground mining
blasthole drilling rig

... Civil engineering - Underground mining work - Trench digging - Gallery construction Features: - Blasthole drilling - In-hole drilling - Separate air/water flushing device - Radio remote control Benefits: - ...

horizontal drilling rig / stationary / rotary / down-the-hole
horizontal drilling rig

Drilling diameter: 400 mm - 1,200 mm
Drilling depth: 100 m

The are rotary drilling rigs for horizontal boring used for sewers, drains, aquaducts, gas, electric lines, etc. ºThese rigs are designed to bore and to install metallic ...

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horizontal drilling rig / blasthole / crawler / rotary
horizontal drilling rig
HBM 60

Drilling diameter: 76 mm - 152 mm
Drilling depth: 0 m - 36 m

... universal drilling rig for vertical, vertically inclined and horizontal blast hole drilling in rotary or DTH drilling method up to a max. diameter of ...

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HAUSHERR System Bohrtechnik ZN Klemm Bohrterchnik
horizontal drilling rig / self-propelled / rotary / hydraulic
horizontal drilling rig

Drilling diameter: 0 mm - 74 mm
Drilling depth: 0 m - 15 m

MUKI LHP is an electro-hydraulic rig for long hole drilling, it has tilt, rotation and pendulum arm, perform precise and smooth movements for parallel holding. Long hole drilling feed ...

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piling drilling rig / crawler / rotary / hydraulic
piling drilling rig
MC 3 D

Drilling depth: 1.2 m - 2.2 m

The MC 3D is a hydraulic drilling rig with a separate power pack, suitable for the execution of ground engineering works in confined or low overhead spaces and difficult access jobsites in general. This ...

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Comacchio Srl
geothermal drilling rig / crawler / truck-mounted / rotary
geothermal drilling rig
DSB1 series

Drilling diameter: 324 mm - 640 mm

• Soil sampling for analysing the ground on building sites • Geological and hydrological investigations, e.g. waste deposits or investigation of contaminated ground • Water wells for domestic water supply, agricultural irrigation or site ...

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HERBST SMAG Mining Technologies GmbH
micropile drilling rig / crawler / rotary / hydraulic
micropile drilling rig
MDT 60 B

... powerful and very compact drill rig, developed especially for heavy site works, offers exceptional manoeuvrability, reliability and productivity, thanks to the adoption of many innovative technical ...

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horizontal drilling rig / blasthole / for construction equipment / rotary
horizontal drilling rig

YT28 Jackleg Drill [YT28 Jackleg Drill] Applications: The YT28 jackleg drill is used to drill horizontal and inclined blast holes in medium-hard rock with a hardness of f=8~18. It may ...

multifunction drilling rig / rail-mounted / rotary / pneumatic
multifunction drilling rig
MPF-D series

Drilling depth: 3.2, 2.4 m

Fixed Drilling Machine with Displacement for cutting blocks. This pneumatic machine is ideal for vertical cuts. It is equipped with adjustable feet. Allows longitudinal and transversal inclination. Flexibility of control ...

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Fravizel, S.A.
deep drilling rig / self-propelled / rotary / hydraulic
deep drilling rig

... in coal mining, such as core drillings, exploration and degasification drillings. The drills comprise the drill rig, the electro-hydraulic power pack ...

deep drilling rig / fixed / rotary / for underground mining
deep drilling rig
Simba Junior

Drilling diameter: 48 mm - 57 mm
Drilling depth: 0 m - 25 m

... Simba Junior also known as Long hole drilling machine is the most versatile percussion drill machine for tunnelling, "drifting & long hole drilling" and cable bolting for roof supports. ...

deep drilling rig / crawler / rotary / for underground mining
deep drilling rig

Drilling diameter: 89 mm - 165 mm
Drilling depth: 50 m - 183 m

... stope slot raises and sublevel caving; these operating pressures up to 24 bar (350 psi) air pressure. The direct-connected rotary head and telescopic feed cylinder are standard. In addition, the CMM2 includes a hydraulic ...

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Joy Mining Machinery
geotechnical drilling rig / for wells / crawler / rotary
geotechnical drilling rig

Compact, modular and small-size drilling rig for an easy use and a great maneuverability. The great advantage of the modular construction is the possibility of having a wide range of equipment for a ...

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Fraste S.p.A
multifunction drilling rig / crawler / rotary / hydraulic
multifunction drilling rig

Drilling depth: 2,350 mm

Exemples de capacité : bottom hammer : 100 m with 6'', roller bit : 80 m with 6'' ou 40 m with 10'', auger : 40 m with 4'', The values depend of the soil. Simple spécifications : weight : 6 t to 7 t, Power ...

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TEC System
multifunction drilling rig / crawler / rotary / for underground mining
multifunction drilling rig

Rotary drill ensures fast drilling speed. Maximum stiffness to meet the hardest underground condition. Robust universal boom with 360 rotation for fast and easy face & roof drilling. All ...

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Eimco Elecon (India) Limited
geothermal drilling rig / micropile / for wells / crawler
geothermal drilling rig

Drilling diameter: 175 mm - 225 mm
Drilling depth: 2.4 m

... hammer drilling and augering. Thanks to the remote radio control the rig can be completely move from the ideal working position, for a perfect sight of the drilling movements. Numerous ...

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Massenza Impianti di Perforazione S.r.l.
geothermal drilling rig / crawler / rotary / hydraulic
geothermal drilling rig

... torque at 90 rpm. Really effective for Down-the –hole or Rotary Tricone drilling 4 m / 13 ft stroke drilling mast for 10’ rods The rig has a foot-clamp with pipe wrench ...

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blasthole drilling rig / wheel-mounted / rotary / for underground mining
blasthole drilling rig
Face Master 1.4

Drilling diameter: 41 mm - 76 mm
Drilling depth: 3.2 m

... mechanized drill rig for ultra low seams is designed for drilling blastholes of diameters between 41 mm and 76 mm and of net length 3.2 m. The unit can be used in methane-free mineral ...

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Mine Master