O-ring seal / rubber / synthetic / PTFE
O-ring seal

This seal is for engine oil sumps, dynamic joints, water pumps, differentials, gear boxes and any circumstance requiring the replacement of a pre-formed seal. It replaces any seal, of ...

lip seal / rubber / bearing / for railway vehicles
lip seal

Polycorp Epflex Railseal Interface is an extruded virgin rubber profile designed to absorb the destructive energy from both rail deflection and vehicular traffic for proven results in extending the expected crossing life. These ...

lipped seal / C-ring / rubber / bearing protection
lipped seal
J, J-OUV series

Temperature limit: -30 °C - 100 °C
Diameter: 12 mm - 28 mm

Type J / J-OUV Seals and Open Seals Applications This seal is generally used to protect linear ball bearings from dirt. Its main advantage is that it is inexpensive; it is also ...

flat seal / C-ring / rubber / rod
flat seal
BU series

Diameter: 0 in - 6 in

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spring-loaded gasket / rubber / metal / EMI shielding
spring-loaded gasket
6600 series

Temperature limit: -40 °C - 100 °C

... - Clip-on EMI/RFI heavy duty shielding gasket Clip-on EMI gaskets heavy duty, specifically designed for heavy duty applications Clip-on EMI gaskets heavy duty The clip-on gasket ...

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Holland Shielding Systems BV
spiral seal / profiled / rubber / EMI shielding
spiral seal

ELASIL, a homogeneous combination of silicone and conductive particles, offer good electric conductivity and excellent watertight and gastight performance characteristics.

O-ring seal / profiled / rubber / inflatable
O-ring seal

... bladder clamps provide a different way to handle common clamping and actuating needs. Constructed of a high quality, durable EPDM rubber, Pneuma-Cel bladder clamps allow for soft, conformal clamping of ...

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Pawling Engineered Products, Inc.
O-ring seal / circular / rubber / fitting
O-ring seal

... operation, oil seals protect all types of precision-constructed, close-fitting ball, sleeve and roller bearings.In precision bearings, oil seals help prevent lubricants from escaping the bearings or a ...

lipped seal / circular / rubber / oil
lipped seal

... installation damage and enhances durability.Enhanced sealing: Ribbed rubber inner diameter designed to seal minor spindle imperfections and promote positive spindle seating.Resistance to seal ...

lipped seal / circular / rubber / oil
lipped seal
10,11,12S series

Temperature limit: -29 °C - 107 °C

... . Oil and grease seals supplied by Timken feature precision sealing designs and are available in a wide range of sizes to fit many commercial vehicle original equipment or aftermarket applications. Our commercial vehicle ...

flat seal / O-ring / profiled / round
flat seal
ELAPAC series

ELAFLEX supplies several flat and thread seals. Thread seals for female thread with groove: Type GD Round flange seals for all kinds of mineral oil products and many solvents: Type ...

rubber seal / gas / inflatable
rubber seal

Pressure limit: 0 bar - 10 bar
Diameter: 4 in - 60 in

... s gas seal stoppers are an effective way to seal low pressure pipelines, drains and sewers against the inflow and outflow of gas, liquid or debris.The units comprise a fabricated steel or aluminium body ...

rubber seal / condenser / for pipes / turbine
rubber seal
BPO (os)-U-BC1

SumiRiko Industry France S.A.S. DILATOFLEX® expansion joints are totally manufactured in our plant in Decize (France) Joints BPO (os)-U-BC1 very big length (over 40m), for nuclear power plant or another application

can seal / flat / circular / rubber
can seal

Diameter: 8 mm - 150 mm

... vegetable preservation jars (Aqueous, Acidic & Alcoholic foods). Using 100% natural rubber, the Food Jar Seals manufactured by the Company adhere to the requirements and specifications of the European ...

flat gasket / circular / rubber
flat gasket
7150, 7151

Diameter: 2 in

Material_Color: Rubber/Blk Paddle: N/A Actuator: N/A

O-ring seal / circular / rubber / steel
O-ring seal

S698-2RS Rubber Seal Bearings /SUS420 Steel / for kitchen appliance Bearing Model: S698-2RS Rubber Seal Bearings Size: 8x19x6mm Material: SUS420 Steel Weight: 0.0075g Description S698RS ...