Tunable lasers

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pulsed laser / solid-state / red / tunable
pulsed laser

Wavelength: 635 nm

The Straight Laser Line 1053 made by H-Way Far Way International Inc. It is designed as a straight line generator that integrates a 635nm. It has observable laser diode that produces unit package in ...

Q-switched laser / solid-state / monochromatic / tunable
Q-switched laser
6205-T Series

Wavelength: 37 nm

Lumentum narrow-linewidth tunable lasers are a key component of today’s agile transmission modules support the rapid deployment of next- generation IP-based voice, data, and video services. The assemblies ...

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continuous wave laser / solid-state / multiple-wavelength / tunable
continuous wave laser
SWL 7500 Series

Wavelength: 632.5 nm - 1,064 nm
Power: 0.008, 0.02, 0.07, 0.15, 0.1 W

... range and the factory will build the laser at that precise wavelength. Long-term wavelength and power stability makes this laser a miniature work horse. With a footprint that is smaller than a business ...

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