Ultra-rugged enclosures

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floor-standing enclosure / rectangular / polyester / custom
floor-standing enclosure

... framed window. Fully sealed UHMW Barrier Tabs™; 450 lbs (204 kg) tear-out force 1 HP (0.75 Kw) motor assembly, TEFC, IP 55 Enclosure rating, UL and CSA listed Padded safety edge technology protects personnel and property. ...

compact enclosure / modular / control / protection
compact enclosure

... class I. Performance combined with design The accessory has a compact design with a robust housing that is easy to clean. Advantages at a glance • Compact design • ...

flange enclosure / rectangular / design / with door
flange enclosure

Enclosure and Power The enclosure & power portfolio are streamlined for 5G applications and offer features and functionality that meet every customer’s need when constructing a radio site. The portfolio ...

rack-mount enclosure / modular / custom / design
rack-mount enclosure
EXOS series

... challenges today. The highest-capacity, most efficient solutions in the datasphere APPLICATION PLATFORMS Servers and storage in ultra compact, dense systems that don’t sacrifice capacity for performance.Now up to 96 ...

compact enclosure / rectangular / antenna / robust
compact enclosure
PwrPak7D™/ PwrPak7®

Width: 125 mm
Height: 147 mm
Depth: 55 mm

GNSS Receiver Board Enclosures NovAtel's OEM GNSS enclosures house our GNSS receiver boards. Available in a range of form factors, these compact, environmentally protective enclosures ...

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floor-standing enclosure / rectangular / workstation / for laser marking systems
floor-standing enclosure
ProStation™ Series, BoxPro™

Width: 1,016, 698 mm
Height: 2,603, 1,811 mm
Depth: 1,022, 899 mm

Robust, industrial, and customizable Class 1 laser enclosure for marking large parts Exterior Dimensions 40 in x 102.5 in x 40.24 in 1016 mm x 2603 mm x 1022 mm Interior Dimensions 36.5 in x ...

transformer enclosure / floor-standing / modular / metallic
transformer enclosure

... dust, and chemicals. These enclosures are typically specified by a NEMA rating. The most common dry-type transformer enclosures are listed in the table below. Acutran produces a complete line of steel ...