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5-axis machining center / universal / rotating table / high-speed
5-axis machining center

X travel: 750 mm
Y travel: 650 mm
Z travel: 500 mm

High-performance spindle The spindle integrates the motor to limit vibration, noise, and power loss at high speed rotation. The jet of oil is injected directly onto the spindle bearing for effective cooling, and the motor and ...

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5-axis CNC machining center / universal / rotating table / bridge
5-axis CNC machining center

X travel: 750 mm
Y travel: 650 mm
Z travel: 500 mm

High-performance spindle The spindle integrates the motor to limit vibration, noise, and power loss at high speed rotation. The jet of oil is injected directly onto the spindle bearing for effective cooling, and the motor and ...

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5-axis machining center / universal / for large workpieces
5-axis machining center

X travel: 760 mm
Y travel: 845 mm
Z travel: 660 mm

... Millijag-capabilitiescoupled with an integrated high end Turning centerSpacious machining area with minimal interferenc^HEliminates accumulated errors & vastly reducMpfet-up timesby removing the need for separate Milling ...

5-axis machining center / universal / for aluminum / high-speed
5-axis machining center
Scharmann Ecospeed

X travel: 7,800 mm - 21,800 mm
Y travel: 2,200, 2,600, 2,500 mm
Z travel: 670 mm

The Ecospeed Series is a range of 5-axis machining center from Starrag. The machining center has a horizontal spindle and a vertical pallet arrangement that is engineered ...

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5-axis machining center / universal / high-performance / compact
5-axis machining center
Rover A Edge

X travel: 3,228 mm - 5,920 mm
Y travel: 1,580 mm
Z travel: 200 mm

Manufacturing shaped and edgebanded panels with a single machine Rover A Edge is an edgebanding machining centre that supports the machining of shaped panels, which can be edgebanded on a single, compact, ...

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3-axis machining center / universal / gantry / compact
3-axis machining center
TRiXX-Mill 4000, TRiXX-Mill 6000

Power: 55, 45 kW

Gantry-type milling machineTRiXX-Mill 4000 • 6000Stable gantry milling machine with an unbeatable price-performanceThis gantry milling machine is ideal for handling large and heavy ...

5-axis machining center / universal / for aluminum / for aluminum profiles
5-axis machining center

Power: 10 kW

Description 5 axis machining centre for Aluminium profiles Material Aluminium Applications Automatic 5 axis machining and cutting centre for Aluminium profiles Work on large cross section ...

3-axis machining center / universal / laser
3-axis machining center
microSTRUCT vario™

... semiconductor manufacturing and medical technology, it has become increasingly indispensable to possess the capability of machining smaller and finer structures into various substrates. The microSTRUCT vario is equipped ...

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3D Micromac
3-axis machining center / universal / multi-spindle / with pallet changer
3-axis machining center

mc4 320 is a flexible machining cell of new generation, consisting of two machining centers, each one with two independent opposed spindles, and a 4-position APC (automatic pallet changer). ...

5-axis machining center / universal / for steel / compact
5-axis machining center

X travel: 550 mm
Y travel: 400 mm
Z travel: 400 mm

The Speed Hawk 550 is a 5-axis CNC vertical machining center from Ops-Ingersoll. It exhibits advantages for steel applications with its mold inserts or precision parts together with the copper and graphite ...

5-axis machining center / universal / with rotary table / for aluminum
5-axis machining center
11 000 x 2 000 x 600 mm | JET FIVE

X travel: 11,000 mm
Y travel: 2,000 mm
Z travel: 600 mm

... ensures maximum stability even during the most demanding machining operations. Different configurations may include linear motors, or the turning table for a 5 axes multitasking machining center.

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MCM Machining Centers Manufacturing
6-axis machining center / universal / with rotary table
6-axis machining center
ø 660 mm | TANDEM 6A

... maximizing the performances in the 6-axis milling of workpieces of the precision mechanics, automotive, aeronautics, energy, reducers and moulds and dies production fields. The flexibility of TANDEM 6A machining ...

5-axis CNC machining center / universal / for profiles
5-axis CNC machining center
max. 4 000 x 2 000 x 1 200 mm | BF AERO

The BF line features a full 5 axis milling head duly designed for profiling jobs in hard materials (steel, inconel, titanium, etc).

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5-axis CNC machining center / universal / for aluminum
5-axis CNC machining center
max. 3 500 x 2 500 x 2 800 mm | Spark series

... features of these machining centers are: - high stock removal and machining accuracy due to the excellent structural rigidity; - reduced idle times due to the best possible rapid and ...

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4-axis CNC machining center / swiveling-spindle / gantry / column type
4-axis CNC machining center

X travel: 7,300 mm
Y travel: 500 mm
Z travel: 350 mm

... high precision, convenient operation methods and high efficiency. 加工长度 / Machining Length 7000mm~12000mm 加工宽度 / Machining Width 500mm 加工高度 / Machining Height 350mm 重复定位精度 / Repeated ...

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OYT machinery technology co., Ltd
milling machining center / 5-axis / universal / gantry
milling machining center

Y travel: 1,560 mm
Z travel: 900 mm
Rotational speed: 4,000 rpm - 30,000 rpm

... machine for high speed roughing and optimal finishing. RigiMill, long bed machining – two different machines on one bed, configured with the customized gantries you require for milling aluminum or titanium. ...

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Modig Machine Tool
3-axis CNC machining center / 5-axis / universal / compact
3-axis CNC machining center
KERN Micro

X travel: 350 mm
Y travel: 220 mm
Z travel: 250 mm

... reliable productivity. There is an available three or five-axis machining center. It has a plug-and-play box, and its layout was made in consideration of the size of the workpiece. The tool ...

5-axis CNC machining center / swiveling-spindle / traveling-column
5-axis CNC machining center

X travel: 1,300 mm - 12,000 mm
Y travel: 800, 1,200, 600, 1,000 mm
Z travel: 1,300, 800, 1,100 mm

Swiveling spindle head for complex machining The machine concept of MATEC 30HV is based on the long-bed machine MATEC 30L. The machine is equipped with a swivel head. Various CNC rotary tables in connection ...

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matec Maschinenbau
3-axis CNC machining center / universal / double-column / cutting
3-axis CNC machining center
KMC-SV-H series

X travel: 5,230, 4,230, 3,230, 8,230, 6,230 mm
Y travel: 2,650, 2,350, 2,150, 1,950 mm
Z travel: 775, 750 mm

... long lasting and optimum rigidity during heavy cutting conditions. Combines the advantages of machining all 4 sides with angular attachment and machining the top face with vertical spindle head in one ...

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3-axis CNC machining center / universal
3-axis CNC machining center
MAC 340

Power: 18 kW

... Able to work on 3 mm thick iron profiles Able to work on 5 sides of profile (front, back, left, right and top) Automatic tool changing by means of magazine which holds 7 tools including Angled Head Automatic moving ...

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3-axis machining center / universal / double-column
3-axis machining center

X travel: 8,000 mm
Y travel: 4,200 mm
Z travel: 1,500 mm

... Taiwan Quality CNC Double Column Machining Center BTMC-4208 Request a quote 1. CNC double column design for large parts machining 2. Time aged casting 3. X axis hardway or Linear way, ...

5-axis machining center / swiveling-spindle / compact
5-axis machining center

X travel: 250 mm
Y travel: 200 mm
Z travel: 300 mm

5 Axis Machining Centre swivelling Spindle The 408S2 machining centre is equipped with a high precision, rotating dual-divider. This machine is designed for machining complex, prismatic ...

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3-axis machining center / universal / compact / drilling
3-axis machining center

X travel: 150 mm
Y travel: 140 mm
Z travel: 250 mm

Class 1 laser system for machining metal components (marking, engraving, cutting and drilling), controlled by the latest generation Bosch-Rexroth CNC already from the single-axis base configuration. Extremely compact ...

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CB Ferrari
8-axis machining center / swiveling-spindle / high-precision / high-productivity
8-axis machining center

X travel: 520 mm
Y travel: 180 mm
Z travel: 850 mm

High productivity versatile machining center • 1 axial turret with 48 tools (fixed or rotating) • 3 hanging chuck with tail stock.

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3-axis machining center / universal / bridge
3-axis machining center
HVM series

X travel: 3,060 mm - 6,000 mm
Y travel: 2,500 mm - 3,900 mm
Z travel: 1,000 mm

HVM-3018 HVM-4018 HVM-4025 X-axis travel 3,060 mm ( 120.5" ) 4,000 mm ( 157.5" ) 4,000 mm ( 157.5" ) Y-axis travel 2,500 mm ( 98.4" ) 2,500 mm ( 98.4" ) 3,200 mm ( 126.0" ) Z-axis travel 1,000 mm ...

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