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XYZポジショニングステージ XYZポジショニングステージ - FSL120XYZ-L


  • 方向:

    XYZ, Z軸

  • タイプ:


  • 軸の数:


  • その他の特徴:

    精密, 小型, -翻訳中-, 高電荷用, 高速, 産業用, 重量機器用, ボールねじ式

  • ストローク:

    最少: 100 mm (3.937 in)

    最大: 2,000 mm (78.74 in)

  • 速度:

    最少: 270 mm/s

    最大: 400 mm/s


【Technical Feature】
FSL120 linear module, fully enclosed structure, body width 120mm, two guides and four sliders, with high precision, multi-segment repeat positioning, compact structure, strong versatility, suitable for use in special environments.

【Range of Application】
It can be used in combination with single or multiple axes. It is easy to match the required workpieces in various industries and it becomes a simple and practical mechanical arm. It is mainly used in dustfree workshops or special fields such as electronics and medical equipment, such as film, Depreciation, IC printing, CCD on-line inspection, precise positioning detection of soldering automation equipment, laser plus (laser cutting/laser marking/laser engraving/laser drilling, etc.) precision assembly, precision machine tools, semiconductor production equipment, location detection, electronic production equipment , and 3D printing equipment and other fields.

Series: FSL120
Stroke Range: 100mm~2000mm
Position Accuracy: 0.05mm
Max Speed: 650mm/s
Max Load: 100kg
Ball Screw: G1610/G2020

To get professional service, we have some questions for you,
please try to answer in your enquiry:
1.What machine do you use the stage on?
2.How long stroke need:X=? Y=? Z=?
3.How is the load and speed need?
4.Do need motor and accessory together?
If need OEM or other requirement, please tell us too.

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XYZ Linear Positioning System