IBC container heater

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IBC container heater IBC container heater - B10044030000FT



High power 3000W 1000 litre IBC heater with flexible heating panels designed for
warming up and temperature maintenance


3000W 1000 litre IBC heater is made of flexible panels with two coated fabrics : an heating black side and an insulated blue side. Two built-in thermostats allow to regulate separately the lower and upper part of the IBC: from +10°C to +90°C


Washable and watertight (IP54), can be used outside
2 built-in thermostats regulate upper and lower section separately: from +10 to +90°C
Homogeneous temperature (spreading effect of the alumunium foil)
Limited heat waste (fully insulated)
Fast setting with hooks
Single 2m long main supply cable
Electrical safety with earth lead
Can be used in food and cosmetics industries (stainless eyelets, washable with pressurised water)


Insulated top cover


Output : 3000W
Voltage 230 V
2 x built-in thermostat : from +10°C to +90°C
Standard voltage : 230V
3x1,5² main supply cable length : 2m
Heating face colour : black
Insulated face colour : blue
Degree of protection : IP54
Dimensions : 1000 x 4400mm H : 1000mm