automatic labelling machine / for self-adhesive labels / compact



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    for self-adhesive labels

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The labelling machine DYNAMIC is the entry-level model of the range of label applicators manufactured by Arca. It is a compact, robust, reliable and price saving label applicator to cover a wide range of industrial labelling needs.

The DYNAMIC automatic labeller is available with 280mm housing reel.

The configuration is totally customizable with the fitting of a wide range of applicators, columns and ancillary devices depending on the application requirements of the labels.
Thanks to a special return it can have variable geometry, with the reel housing in two possible positions or even remoted. Features

– 120mm / 4.72” label liner maximum width
– ideal for installation inside any packaging machine
– independent control unit which can be located wherever most practical for the operator (cable length: 3 meters / 9.84 feet)