diffuse photoelectric sensor / retroreflective / through-beam / rectangular
BJR-F series



  • Sensing mode:

    diffuse, retroreflective, through-beam

  • Housing:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, long-range, IP67

  • Maximum range:

    1 m, 3 m, 10 m, 15 m, 100 m (3'03")


Oil-Resistant/Oil-Proof Photoelectric Sensors

The BJR series oil-resistant/oil-proof photoelectric sensors are optimized for use in various environments with cutting oil and lubricants such as automotive and machine tool industries. The sensors are capable of long distance detection up to 15 m (through-beam type). Various features including MSR (Mirror Surface Rejection) function and mutual interference prevention functions allow stable and error-free operation. The screw mounting hole is made of metallic nuts, allowing easy installation using M3 bolts and offering easy maintenance even when exposed to various oils.

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