nickel-brazed plate heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / stainless steel / corrosion-resistant
NL Series



  • Type:

    nickel-brazed plate

  • Fluid:


  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Other characteristics:



The plate heat exchangers in this product series are suitable for hot water and heat transfer, while the nickel heat exchangers are suitable for applications which put high demand on cleanliness, such as those that require ammonia. The construction of this product is extremely compact, while the capacity of the item to withstand great strains in heat transfer applications is another major advantage.

The heating surface consists of thin corrugated metal plates that are placed on top of each other, while the channels that are formed between the corner plots and the plates are placed so that the two media flow through alternate channels, in counter flow. Note that the media are kept in the unit using a bonded seal placed around the edge of the plates and the contact points are bonded to withstand the media pressure.