Pt100 temperature probe / rugged / precision



  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    rugged, precision

  • Temperature:

    Min.: -45 °C (-49 °F)

    Max.: 300 °C (572 °F)


The Beamex IPRT-300 is a robust industrial general-purpose temperature probe. It can be used up to +300°C (+572°F) temperature.

The IPRT-300 provides a good accuracy of ±0.04 °C when used with the provided CvD (Callendar Van Dusen) coefficients. The probe is a standard IEC60751 Pt100 (385) probe, so it can be used also without correction coefficients, providing good accuracy.
The IPRT-300 is provided with a connector, so it can be plugged in to Beamex MC6 family calibrators and Beamex dry blocks.

With an adapter cable it can be used with any device with four banana contacts.

The probe comes with an accredited calibration certificate with the CvD coefficients included as standard.
• A robust industrial temperature probe for multiple purposes
• Temperature range –45 °C … +300 °C (–49 °F … 572 °F)
• Accuracy up to ±0.04 °C with CvD coefficients
• Provided with a 6 Pin connector compatible with Beamex MC6 family calibrator and Beamex dry blocks
• Comes with an accredited calibration certificate with CvD coefficients included