laser marking machine / automatic / for metal / for tubes
HC300/HC100 CO2 Laser



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  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, for metal, for tubes


CO2 Laser Marking System
——Hi-Pack Coding
Professional Coding & Marking Solution Provider

1. Up-to-date simple, smooth user interface
10” color touchscreen, Stationary/Handheld/PC
Powerful Variable, Barcode and 2D Code solutions
2.Laser source life expectancy extended 30% up to 40,000 hours
Intelligent split-type, smarter to integrate in production line.
3.Industrial I/O Connectivity, detachable cable, easy to route on the line and maintenance.
4.Split-type design, excellent air cooling system to ensure high-efficient marking.

Basic Parameters
Rated Power:10W/30W
Power Supply:220V/110V, 50Hz, 500W~1000W
Language :English, Chinese, Spanish
Marking Field :90mm X 90mm (standard)
50mmX50mm ~ 175mm X 175mm (optional)
Marking Speed :≤12000mm/s
Working Distance:13cm
Production Line Speed:10W: <120m/min (Depending on Substrates)
30W: <200m/min (Depending on Substrates)
User Interface :10” Color Touchscreen Stationary/Handheld (Standard), PC (Optional)
I/O Connectivity:Ethernet 2 Serial Ports, 2 USB, Wire, Wireless
Machine Material :Aluminum
Cooling System:Air Cooling
Weight :13kg
Dimension:678mm X 180mm X 135mm

Marking Features
Marking Field:90mm X 90mm (standard), 50mmX50mm ~ 175mm X 175mm (optional)
Number of Text Lines :Unlimited within Marking Field
Font :Dot Matrix, Vector Font
Minimum Line Width :0.1mm
Marking Format:
Standard AutoCAD Industrial Fonts(extensible user-defined)
Nearly 30 types of 2D Code (QR, DM, etc) and Barcode (CODE 32 CODE 39 CODE128, etc.)
Vector Icon format of Graphics, Logos, Symbols, etc.
Linear, Circular, Angular, Reverse, Rotate
Sequential and Batch numbering
Automatic Date, Time and Shift coding, Real-time Clock