Brinell hardness tester / benchtop / micro
max. 29 420 N | HBE-3000A

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Brinell hardness tester / benchtop / micro Brinell hardness tester / benchtop / micro - max. 29 420 N | HBE-3000A


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The DHB-3000 Brinell Hardness Tester is the leading hardness tester in the world. It provides optimized results in the hardness testing of materials, revealing the inherent properties of the tested material. The test provides extremely accurate results, irrespective of the microscopic structurization of the sample or the uniformity/unevenness of the surface being tested.

The hardness tester is a universally accepted machine, featuring an excellent mechanical construction, built with exactitude. The machine is synchronized with computers to provide optimized control over system processes. An efficient mechanical-electrical circuit facilitates optimum performances. This makes it one of the most technologically advanced machines in use today.

The force applied in the testing of hardness is driven by motors, eliminating the need for weights. The machine is equipped with a sophisticated compression-driven sensing element that delivers impressive precision rates of 0.5% in measurement.

The hardness tester is perfectly suited in an array of applications such as forging, metallurgy, unhardened steel, non-iron metal and casting industries. It is also used in colleges, universities, scientific research centers and laboratories.